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#1 Solo

Gheorghe Virtosu | Artist Statement 

"Art is an effort to fill an empty space with the expression of an idea. A work is born through the artist as the medium, melding order out of a disparate landscape in an intellectual exercise. Freedom from boundaries opens possibility in the form of the medium and the breadth of the artist to reveal wholly new ways of seeing. The truth in the revelation creates an opportunity to shape the colors of paint in an exercise that is not only the experience of art but life.

Confident art is large and encompassing, bold and insistent on the attention of the viewer while encouraging interpretation and participation in the experience of the work. The viewer engages the work as a partner to the artist and initiates a journey that shares in the evolution of its meaning. Envisioning and capturing work on canvas is not where it lies dormant and static: it is a place where the expression becomes a community and continues to expand.

In this natural form, art can only exist if it is authentic. The part of the artist is the effort to engage organic expression in a way that has not been previously achieved. Life does not just simply spill onto the canvas like blood let from veins. Randomly bleeding onto a canvas is too easy, distasteful, and ultimately disappointing. The challenge of this art is to evolve an expansive landscape that brings the viewer, idea, artist, and experience together. At once it is chaos and at the same time a simple embrace of the loss of boundaries at the portal to new understanding."

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