Olyvia Kwok ’s Secrets to Successful Art Collecting

How to invest in art, knowledge, advice, prediction

22nd of November 2018 17:00 GMT2

Art and taxation for the global collector

The facts about the complex world of art taxation.

16th of November 2018 12:00 GMT6

Colorful Abstract Art By Gheorghe Virtosu

Interview with abstract artist Gheorghe Virtosu

8th of November 2018 17:00 GMT

Make good art or what makes a piece of art good?

Reflection on question - what makes art good?

5th of November 2018 17:00 GMT

Abstract artist Gheorghe Virtosu

Oil painting on canvas the preferred medium of the abstract artist

20th of October 2018 17:00 GMT

Famous abstract paintings

20 Most Famous abstract paintings

12th of October 2018 17:00 GMT

Best abstract artists

Today abstract art stars - 10 Most successful abstract artists today

11th of October 2018 17:00 GMT

Abstract Art Definition

What is abstract art?

10th of October 2018 17:00 GMT

Art Themes at Virtosu Art Gallery

The thematic approach - simplification of visual culture

25th of September 2018 17:00 GMT

20 abstract paintings depicting great world personalities

Abstract artist working on Great World Personalities Series

11th of September 2018 17:00 GMT

How to find great abstract paintings

Why finding abstract paintings of quality takes effort?

4th of September 2018 17:00 GMT

Artist 's pursuit of expressive freedom through abstract art

Great Energy, Colors, and Motion – Gheorghe Virtosu ’s pursuit of expressive freedom

30th of august 2018 17:00 GMT

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