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Virtosu Fine Art is a premier fine art consulting gallery that specializes in curating artwork for corporate, residential, hospitality, retail, and healthcare, as well as government assignments. Our clients recognize us for our unique high style design and exclusive imagery that we provide. We analyze the vision of the client and create an artwork package that meets the design standards.


What We Do...

We like to collaborate on our creative services with project managers, interior designers, architects, CEOs, and other key personnel involved in creating a successful art package. Virtosu Fine Art manages all phases of a project which can include but are not limited to:

Project analysis

Project development

Custom framing

Special commissions

Strategic budget planning

Art acquisition

Worldwide installation

crating and shipping

How does it work?

How does it work?

Virtosu Fine Art works directly with your facility to determine the style, location, budget, and timeline.
We use photographs of the space, color swatches, fabric samples to present a body of artwork and layout best suited for your needs, of your clients, families, patients, and staff.
Once you give the thumbs up, our team will install the project efficiently and quickly.

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Multi-Family Living

When it comes to multi-family real estate, space is everything. Your tenants want to be wowed and inspired! The artwork you select will create a welcoming atmosphere – the essence of your brand and your property's image. In the modern age, we are competing for more than just a place to stay. The industry has noticed the critical importance of setting up extraordinary experiences and spaces. Your design and aesthetic should tell a unique and compelling story.


The guest experience is a critical factor in the hospitality industry. Rental properties and hotels work hard to position themselves in a competitive marketplace in the hopes of attracting guests who will appreciate the exclusive features that make their property unique. Hospitality art serves as an important extension of branding strategies by helping hotels and rental properties convey their values in a subtle but practical way. Strategically placed art that captures guests' attention can work wonders when it comes to expressing your values and supplementing the overall aesthetic of real estate as a whole. Every wall in your hotel or rental unit gives you a new opportunity to cultivate your image, and our team of designers is standing by to help you find just the right way to communicate your message.

Public Space

Public art projects that engage the community with the means to improve their environment, creating the opportunity to develop a sense of pride over their streets, parks, and public institutions. Public art projects will be most effective when they are part of a broader, holistic, multidisciplinary approach to enlivening a city or neighborhood. In this way, public art can contribute both to community life and the service and vitality of public spaces.


Restaurants and other alternate venues may have many reasons to place wall art in their spaces. The owners of the business may have an affection for the arts. They may also feel that their clientele is interested. Primarily, these venues want to enhance their decor with fantastic art, which will make their space look better to their customers and help them do more business.


Virtosu Fine Art's corporate consulting services are ideally suited for projects as small as few pieces of art for your office, or larger projects as city squares, airports, football stadiums, or office buildings. Our team will work with your company or entity to understand the corporate personality and environment, then select artwork intended to make an impact on your employees and clients.


Virtosu Fine Art is providing beautiful environments with original artwork, often where they are needed most - in hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities. When others need encouragement, the presence of artwork can be powerful and impactful. Specific colors, mediums, and styles are more conducive to reducing anxiety and stress, bringing forth feelings of optimism and hope. At Virtosu Fine Art, we will help you choose the right pieces of artwork to create a warm and inviting space that not only helps patients and their family members feel comfortable but also gives the hardworking staff energy and peace of mind.


Our homes can be places of relaxation, creativity or celebration, refuge, but ultimately, they are havens for self-expression. Whether you are looking for a warm set up, or a fresh and tranquil retreat, bold or invigorating, the artwork you select will have a significant effect. Virtosu Fine Art has a large selection of styles and mediums guaranteed to suit a variety of spaces and budgets. We handle each project from start to delivery and installation. Our team will come to your residence and hang each piece with precision and care.

New Offer

New Offer

Get a custom art design for your business at Virtosu Fine Art, the #1 custom art design service. Our team is ready to create a unique art experience for you. Companies and Organisations across the globe are using Virtosu Fine Art services to get the right message for their business. You can join them, start an art design project today, and get what you will love.

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