Gheorghe Virtosu artist

Gheorghe Virtosu


Lesbian Marriage oil painting

oil painting / abstract art Lesbian Marriage

  • Year 2017
  • 133x148 Cm / 52x59 In
  • Oil / Acrylic Base / Linen Canvas
  • Original Edition
Lesbian Marriage abstract art

Gheorghe Virtosu


oil painting / abstract art Lesbian marriage

  • Year 2017
  • 133X136 Cm / 52x53 In
  • Oil / Acrylic Base / Linen Canvas
  • Original Edition

oil painting Description

Representing a non-traditional form of love, abstract painting Lesbian Marriage is elaborating on the thesis of love having no gender, compassion having no religion, character having no race. The artist cease to be himself in order to become part of an impersonal creative process.

The combination of dark and light colors symbolizes the unity of body and spirit. Being a playground of visual delights, Lesbian Marriage opens new perspectives for understanding social changes occurring today.

Each line of this piece carries a genuine complexity of symbolism which requires its unique code for deciphering and understanding it. The depicted characters are free daughters of nature caught in a game of diversity and multiculturalism.

The work addresses the concept of the same-sex marriage that burst in the outer reality not so long ago. The viewer is invited to reflect on conjugal marriage, the need not and should not prohibit the consensual relationship. A fact some may see as inevitable anyway.

Virtosu uses pure colors and combinations to convey the diversity of feelings and emotions experienced by the unity depicted. 'Where there is love there is life.' - may be sensed as a hint to canvas formation.

The artwork rests on forms that exist in reality but the meaning touches our imagination. The beauty of this abstract painting has long been noticed by both psychologists and artists only but now it became a guideline for the artists of a new generation.

Painted in 2017, the large expansive and hypnotizing canvas reflects Virtosu's own distinctive style of geometric abstraction, grounded in a rhythmic gesture. The viewer is transported into a magical universe created by the artist, the color palette and shapes moving together in a perfect harmony.

Abstract art oil painting  Lesbian
This is a protest against prejudice and discrimination, as it is a nod of admiring acceptance in the direction of all sexual minorities...

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This is a protest against prejudice and discrimination, as it is a nod of admiring acceptance in the direction of all sexual minorities...

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Abandoned painting abstract art  Lesbian
abstract art same sex Marriage
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