abstract art

The World Biggest Ever Oil Painting Commission.

Artist share with us the work in progress.

14 June '19

Pointillism art

Pointillism definition (term pointillism art)

10 June '19

Zombie formalism in art today

Artistic morphology went wrong

6 February '19

Artist depicts emotional abandonment

Emotional painting is but another word for feeling Abandoned

6 February '19

Alien art piece - elaboration on human nature

Each and every one of us is Alien

6 February '19

Best contemporary abstract paintings

Art challenge - Best selling abstract paintings

29 December '18

The Art Movements That Defined Abstract Art in the 20th Century

Abstract Art

26 December '18

Art theme - Transgender (Gay art)

Rethinking of the role played by transgender in art history

26 December '18

Colorful art and how to make abstract art

Interview with abstract artist Gheorghe Virtosu

8 November '18

Make good art or what makes art good?

Reflection on question - what makes art good?

5 November '18

Cool Abstract Art

The transformation of characters into symbols. Creating cool abstract paintings.

20 October '18

Best abstract artists

Abstract art stars and best abstract paintings of all time

11 October '18

Abstract Art Definition and Types of Abstract Art

How do we define abstract art

10 October '18

20 beautiful abstract paintings depicting great world personalities

Christopher Columbus personality and more... in modern abstract paintings

11 September '18

The Century of Dolphins realm of intelligent creatures

The visual music by the Master of Oils

13 July '18

Abstract Art History, Origin, Past and Present

The history of abstract art including geometric abstract painting

28 June '18

The story behind Virtosu Art Gallery

Success is what you leave the world

20 June '19

The World Most Famous Abstract Artists

All time abstract art famous artists

12 June '18


Style: Abstract Art

Type: Oil Painting

The Magician

Style: Abstract Art

Type: Oil Painting

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