oil paintings

Liquidity in the Art Market

Facts to Analyze Liquidity

10 April '19

Baptism of Jesus - Virtosu’ s highly personal style

Overwhelming simplicity and in the same time abstract sophistication.

8 April '19

10 Challenging Paintings Of Gheorghe Virtosu

Art challenge

29 December '18

gay art

Art theme - Transgender (Gay art)

Rethinking of the role played by transgender in art history

26 December '18

Make good art or what makes art good?

Reflection on question - what makes art good?

5 November '18

The Royal Guard blog

Abstract Painting Reveals The Royal Guard As Not Seen Before

A Regiment That Represents Cultural Heritage as Much as Military Heroism

20 August '18

Nostradamus blog

Nostradamus abstract painting an aesthetic of complexity

Oil Painting Reflecting The Opacity of an Oracle and His Lasting Impact

9 August '18

Winston Churchill blog

Oil Painting Depicts Winston Churchill’s Duality

The Man, Myths and Psychological Schisms of a Leader at War through abstract art eye

7 August '18

Clairvoyant of world war III 

Prescient Abstract Art Work Depicts the Coming of World War III

Humanity and Inhumanity as Archetypal Creatures oil painting

4 August '18

Albert Einstein

Fall In Love With Albert Einstein art piece

The Secrets To Albert Einstein canvas

26 July '18

Christening of the Homosexual

Welcoming of all the faithful oil Painting Message!

Christening of the Homosexual canvas

14 July '18

The Century of Dolphins

The Century of Dolphins realm of intelligent creatures

The visual music by the Master of Oils

13 July '18


The persistent relevance of the Buddhist message

Oil paintig depicting 'the awakened one'

12 July '18

Behind Human Mask

Oil Painting marking the antithesis of the human

The Anatomy Of Behind Human Mask canvas

11 July '18


The dense and energetic flux of colors in thematic oil painting

Geisha - the Japanese heritage canvas

7 July '18

Flying man

Flying man - a musical piece by the master of abstract!

The Secret Of beautiful abstract Oil Painting

6 July '18

Egyptian cat

The awe of the ancient Egyptians in the perception of a contemporary artist

Egyptian cat - a sacred symbol

5 July '18

Disappointed storks

Disappointed storks - the melancholic tune canvas

The feeling of dispair oil painting

4 July '18

European optimism

Abstract Oil Painting Reflecting on Institutional Imperfection

Rendering of a boy in oil painting depicting a political order that is top-heavy

21 June '18

Crown holder effluxion of color

Crown Holder effluxion of color

The frozen instant in Crown Holder abstract painting

21 June '18

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