contemporary artists

Problems in the art world of the 21st century

The world lacks authentic ‘artists’ or Why is modern art so bad?

15 March '19

Colorful Abstract Art By Gheorghe Virtosu

Interview with abstract artist

8 November '18

Interior Design

Artist 's pursuit of expressive freedom

Great Energy, Colors, and Motion – Gheorghe Virtosu ’s abstract art

30 august '18

The Royal Guard blog

The rhizome and the unity of opposites in Gheorghe Virtosu painting

Artist emotional expression through color

25 August '18

30 Most Influential Contemporary Artists

30 Most Famous Contemporary Artists

Contemporary art Most Famous Artists

20 June '18

Gheorghe Virtosu

Meet the book writer and abstract artist Gheorghe Virtosu

The contemporary artist restless universe

23 June '18

Finding Light in the Darkness by Gheorghe Virtosu

Finding Light in the Darkness by Gheorghe Virtosu

What is the reward of suffering?

13 June '18

The World Famous Abstract Artists

The World Most Famous Abstract Artists

All time abstract art famous artists

12 June '18

Gheorghe Virtosu - Artist at Virtosu Abstract Art Gallery

Meet the 21st century Picasso!

Contemporary artist Gheorghe Virtosu

3 May '18

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