contemporary art

Zombie formalism in art today

Artistic morphology went wrong

6 February '19

Artist depicts emotional abandonment

Emotional painting is but another word for feeling Abandoned

6 February '19

Alien art piece - elaboration on human nature

Each and every one of us is Alien

6 February '19

Making a masterpiece

What makes a masterpiece?

3 February '19

Colorful Abstract Art By Gheorghe Virtosu

Interview with abstract artist

8 November '18

Abstract artist Gheorghe Virtosu

Cool Abstract Art

20 October '18


Art Themes at Virtosu Art Gallery

The thematic approach - simplification of visual culture

25 September '18

20 abstract paintings depicting great world personalities

20 abstract paintings depicting great world personalities

Abstract artist working on Great World Personalities Series

11 September '18

30 Most Influential Contemporary Artists

30 Most Famous Contemporary Artists

Contemporary art Most Famous Artists

20 June '18

How To Understand Contemporary Art Today

How To Understand Contemporary Art Or Why Your Child Couldn't Paint Like This

The ‘artist-artwork-viewer’ triangle - the ability of the audience to listen

8 July '18

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