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12 September '19

The Art of Wall Art

Modern Wall Decor Ideas and How to Hang Pictures Like a Pro

12 September '19

Why Wall Art Matters Most In Interior Design

Integrate wall art into your decor 101

1 October '19

What is art? Fine, Modern, Contemporary, Abstract...Value

Questions about art answered 101

2 October '19

The Real Value of Art

5 Reasons Why Art is Worth More than You Can Imagine

4 October '19

How Brexit Could Influence The Art World - Comments From Olyvia Kwok

Comments From Olyvia Kwok

15 October '19

Design your home with 12 artistic winter theme ideas!!

Amazing Winter Decor Items That Will Illuminate Your House

15 October '19

History is a Continuous Movement. Interview with Virtosu

An Interview with Gheorghe Virtosu

18 October '19

How to Read a Painting?

Does reading art works intimidate and baffle? No more!

19 October '19

How Large Paintings Became the World's Big New Art Trend 2019

A quiet revolution in modern art painting is seeing artists reject small-scale, tiny installations in favor of significant subjects and techniques. Fine art market trends.

24 October '19

Art Collection: What it means today

A cultural investment? A financial investment? The Balance trial

25 October '19

The World Biggest Ever Oil Painting Commission.

Artist share with us the work in progress.

14 June '19

Modern art. Aesthetic or non-aesthetic narrative principles?

The way to get unstuck is to start down the wrong path

17 June '19

Unique art styles

The spirit of modern art or Waiting for art’s next narrative.

28 June '19

Silent observer of the world puts his thoughts on canvas

Human reality through observational art of Gheorghe Virtosu

28 June '19

Freedom of expression. Art and Iconography

Abstract symbolism and abstract iconography in Virtosu' Peinture

5 July '19

Where to buy art?

Where to buy original art for your home, office, art collection or exclusive gift.

6 July '19

Understanding the elements of art value

The buyer is the one to consume the product

11 June '19


Style: Abstract Art

Type: Oil Painting

Art prodigy, are you born as or do you become one?

Let's define prodigy by drawing the portrait narrative...

7 June '19

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