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Welcoming of all the faithful oil Painting Message!

Christening of the Homosexual canvas

14 July '18

The Century of Dolphins realm of intelligent creatures

The visual music by the Master of Oils

13 July '18

The persistent relevance of the Buddhist message

Oil paintig depicting 'the awakened one'

12 July '18

Oil Painting marking the antithesis of the human

The Anatomy Of Behind Human Mask canvas

11 July '18

Abstract Geisha Painting in Modern Japanese Art

Geisha Art - the Japanese Contemporary Art Heritage

7 July '18

Flying man - a musical piece by the master of abstract!

The Secret Of beautiful abstract Oil Painting

6 July '18

Modern Egyptian Art Paintings

Egyptian cat art - the fusion of transcendental and secular aspects of existence

5 July '18

Disappointed storks - the melancholic tune canvas

The feeling of dispair oil painting

4 July '18

Abstract Oil Painting Reflecting on Institutional Imperfection

Rendering of a boy in oil painting depicting a political order that is top-heavy

21 June '18

Blairism - the falling mask through the artistic eye!

An illusory vision translucent in contemporary oil painting

21 June '18

Crown Holder effluxion of color

The frozen instant in Crown Holder abstract painting

21 June '18

Socialist fraternal kiss - the kiss of Judas!

Socialist fraternal kiss by Gheorghe Virtosu

20 June '18

Crown Art - The Shine Of Gold Is Just A Cover

Crown Artwork Reflection on Power. Crown Aesthetic provoking empathy!

19 June '18

Sacred Art & Experience of Spiritual Paintings

Spiritual Pictures of Prophet Muhammad Daughter Fatimah

19 June '19

The source of life - the celebration of the enigma canvas

The oil painting capture of the permanent cycle of renewal

20 June '18

The Woman of Power reflected in Gheorghe Virtosu oil painting

Woman Politician canvas - the delicacy of the palette

18 June '18

The ‘Tune’ Of Connection Of Civilizations!

Oil painting filled with the sense of inner dynamism and motion

18 June '18

Loud Political Paintings & importance of Political Art

Art and Politics. The kiss of power, fear and oppression - main theme of the Political Artwork

18 June '18

The departure for the journey into the abstract realm! Master of the waters oil painting

The enigma of Master of the Waters canvas

19 June '18

Oil Painting depicting Muammar Gaddafi inglorious finale

Gaddafi Sentence the physical and metaphysical mediator

17 June '18

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