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Are Hotels Becoming The New Art Gallery

April 1, '20

The Pérez Art Museum: A Modern Art and Entertainment Experience

March 13, '20

Here's What to Expect at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Miami

March 10, '20

What is Art Condition Assessment & When Does it Apply?

March 6, '20

Your Year-Round Guide to the Best Art Festivals in Florida

March 5, '20

Become an Art Aficionado With This Complete Guide to Art Deco in Miami

March 7, '20

Visit the Best Art Museums Florida Has to Offer

March 4, '20

Minimal artists

Minimalism artists, meaning, definition and examples

January 30, '20

Cassius Marcellus Coolidge and the Story Behind "Dogs Playing Poker"

January 29, '20

National Gallery of Art Washington DC

"A national art museum equal to those of other great nations."

January 27, '20

Contemporary art gallery. Top destinations.

The private sector perspective on the most important and sought destinations for contemporary art.

January 24, '20

Museum of fine arts

Fine arts museums of North America

January 21, '20

Salvador Dali Art

Salvador Dali surreal art, style, life and artwork

January 22, '20

3 Reasons for Emerging Artists to Attend an Art Fair

January 10, '20

What is Expensive Art & the Most Expensive Piece Ever Sold

What is the most expensive art piece and why buy valuable abstract art?

31 July '19

What makes art beautiful? Artistic and Aesthetic

Why creating art by a common human?

16 April '19

The basics of abstract painting. Most notable artists

The Basics of Abstract Painting You Should Know

14 May '19

Islamic art - the most expensive Arabic and Islamic paintings

Getting to the bottom of Islamic Art through the eye of the Metropolitan Museum of Art

25 July '19

Art Themes at Virtosu Art Gallery

The thematic approach - simplification of visual culture

25 September '18

What is a corporate art collection?

Corporate art collecting explained

6 August '19

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