abstract paintings

The source of life - the celebration of the enigma canvas

The oil painting capture of the permanent cycle of renewal

20 June '18

The Woman of Power reflected in Gheorghe Virtosu oil painting

Woman Politician canvas - the delicacy of the palette

18 June '18

The ‘Tune’ Of Connection Of Civilizations!

Oil painting filled with the sense of inner dynamism and motion

18 June '18

The departure for the journey into the abstract realm! Master of the waters oil painting

The enigma of Master of the Waters canvas

19 June '18

Oil Painting depicting Muammar Gaddafi inglorious finale

Gaddafi Sentence the physical and metaphysical mediator

17 June '18

Oil Painting Reflecting on The Shadow Side of Ideology

The aggressively liberate, portrayal of destruction/creation dichotomy

17 June '18

European Optimism - uplifted spirit reflection

The bright look into the dark future! Oil painting criticism

13 June '18

The outcomes of Blair’s policy oil painting

Blairism canvas - harsh visual statement!

12 June '18

Gaddafi Sentence, Libyan's hotly contested legacy!

Evocation of Gaddafi's death oil painting

12 June '18

The beauty of Islamic Paintings, Arabic Art at New Level

Modern Islamic Art Reborn with Prophet Muhammad SAWS Daughters Paintings Series

03 July '19

Female Warrior Art Leads The Spirit of Samurai Art

Unearthly nobility of a Samurai Concept Art carved out in a timeless place!

4 May '18

Albert Einstein

Style: Abstract Art

Type: Oil Painting

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