abstract artists

Neo-Expressionism. Art & Artists by countries

June 12, 2020

Geometric abstract art: How to Understand, Feel and Reflect

April 21, '20

8 Ways Social Distancing Can Boost Your Art Process

April 21, '20

Geometric abstract art

February 3, '20

Modern abstract art

February 1, '20

Salvador Dali Art

Salvador Dali surreal art, style, life and artwork

January 22, '20

Art for social change - interview with Gheorghe Virtosu

How art changes the world

January 16, '20

What abstract art achieved

Illustration of an avant-garde movement that set out to change the world

25 July '19

Pointillism art. Luminosity and brilliance of color

Pointillism definition (term pointillism art)

10 June '19

The Legend Of Moldova

Type: Oil Painting

Arshile Gorky Lot 1

Art prodigy, are you born as or do you become one?

Let's define prodigy by drawing the portrait narrative...

7 June '19

Vincent van Gogh

Piet Mondrian

Wassily Kandinsky

Hilma af Klint

Pablo Picasso

Beautiful art or is art beauty something of the past?

Art beauty a vehicle to carry our intent.

31 May '19

Mondrian’s Paintings and Their Pulsating Intricacy

A stage that Mondrian sadly didn't live to explore

26 July '19

Taking in Gheorghe Virtosu, Creator of new Worlds

Artist Experience by curator Robert McIntosh

31 May '19

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