21 June '18

2000 Camp David Summit abstraction

Abstract art piece reflecting on the Arab-Israeli question

21 June '18

Crown Holder effluxion of color

The frozen instant in Crown Holder abstract painting

20 June '18

Famous political art pieces

10 Political Art Pieces and Their Creators You Must Know

20 June '18

The World's Top Contemporary Art Collectors

Top collectors across the globe

20 June '18

Socialist fraternal kiss - the kiss of Judas!

Socialist fraternal kiss by Gheorghe Virtosu

20 June '18

The source of life - the celebration of the enigma canvas

The oil painting capture of the permanent cycle of renewal

19 June '19

Sacred Art & Experience of Spiritual Paintings

Spiritual Pictures of Prophet Muhammad Daughter Fatimah

19 June '18

Crown Art - The Shine Of Gold Is Just A Cover

Crown Artwork Reflection on Power. Crown Aesthetic provoking empathy!

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