January 22, '20

Salvador Dali Art

Salvador Dali surreal art, style, life and artwork

January 21, '20

Museum of fine arts

Fine arts museums of North America

January 16, '20

Art for social change - interview with Gheorghe Virtosu

How art changes the world

January 11, '20

Spiritual Art Resurgence in the 21st century

Spirituality in Art and Art History

January 10, '20

Disney Princess Art and Culture. Walt Disney Education

Fairytale Females in Art and Culture

January 10, '20

3 Reasons for Emerging Artists to Attend an Art Fair

November 22, '19

What is art deco? Art deco definition

Art Deco Movement Overview

November 8, '19

The Magic of Art: Boosting Employees’ Productivity with Style

Art and Productivity

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