DVG and Phillips announce the world biggest ever oil painting commission with abstract artist Gheorghe Virtosu
The world biggest ever oil painting commission
19 April '19
The world biggest ever oil painting

by Alina Livneva 19 April '19

DVG and Phillips announce the world biggest ever oil painting commission with abstract artist Gheorghe Virtosu

The world biggest ever oil painting commission

Phillips, DVG Group Corp, and V Art Gallery are delighted to announce the artist selected to create the world biggest ever oil painting. Besides the impressive size of 30.8 sq.m., 2.75m(H)x11.2m(W), the real task proves to be one of the greatest artistic challenges ever. The world wants the perspective to:

‘How the Devine stamped His DNA on our society’

The world biggest ever oil painting Devine DNA

The half-year project, funded by Phillips and DVG Group, is to create a one-piece abstract oil on canvas by a single artist based on the social perception in unexplored ways.

Ray Goodman of Phillips states: “We want an exciting new perspective on how Gods blueprint of life has been placed into our physical and spiritual being. We have a genetic heritage that transforms the World into the image of God’s creation.”

Phillips is building on its long-standing relationship with the arts by initiating the project dedicated to New Ways of Seeing and contemporary art this year.

“We want to show - how the divine stamps His DNA on our society portraying a positive trajectory of history. Instead of dreading eternal punishment, we live in faith. The whole map of reality is summed up on canvas and has to be revealed in one human eye, so we can see it from beginning to end.”, Daniel Varzari, CEO DVG Group Corp.

Via an international open call, artists were invited to submit proposals. The final commission was selected by a panel of partner organizations. The artist selected is: Gheorghe Virtosu.

Shane Lewis, Senior Curator comments: “I first experienced Virtosu’s work in London in 2016 and was hugely impressed by his innovative and unique style. Devine DNA is one of the most important and original works the world ever created. It is a genuine pleasure to work with Gheorghe and the brilliant Phillips team on this exciting project.”

About the artist

Virtosu was born in 1968 in Moldova. After quitting his military career in 1992 he went to London where he acquired British citizenship. Virtosu lives and works in London, Amsterdam, Luxembourg. The artist creates focusing on his experiences and knowledge, translating social phenomena and characters to abstract. His works sold in 39 countries.

Gheorghe Virtosu
Gheorghe Virtosu

Guinness record

The largest professional oil painting by a single artist is 22.76 m², achieved by Gurmej Singh (USA), at the Epic Center, Michigan, USA. It took 4 months to create the whole painting.

“Much work has been done on the relationship between creativity and intelligence over the years. Many researchers believe that there is a threshold effect, one needs above-average intelligence to create at a high level. The world is about to witness a true talent and genius. Birds sing because they have a song, not because they want to impress anyone.“, Alina Livneva, art director V Art Gallery.

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