New Artwork Arrivals From Abstract Art Master 08/18
New Artwork Arrivals From Abstract Art Master 08/18
10 August '18
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by Alina Livneva

10 August '18

New Artwork Arrivals From Abstract Art Master 08/18

New Artwork Arrivals From Abstract Art Master 08/18

It has to be said that this has been a tremendous month at Virtosu Art Gallery. The arrival of some fabulous new oil paintings from abstract art master Gheorghe Virtosu, seven stunning new oil paintings.

The artworks are part of artist 2016 portfolio and will be on display at our gallery under Collection 2016.

The titles of the oil paintings are as follows:

  • Theodore Roosevelt
  • The new and old world order
  • Cowboy of the universe
  • Putin
  • Da Vinci
  • Alexander the Great
  • Prince Charles in waiting

The artist conveys the sense of drama and action through the complex and vibrant textures. The canvas becomes the substance the contemporary artist uses to ‘sculpt’ the image. Gheorghe Virtosu’s pieces prove the connection between Objective and Abstract.

Having a biography full of dramatic and difficult situations, contemporary artist Gheorghe Virtosu doesn’t try to reject and forget it – he courageously faces his inner challenges and sublimates the life experience into aesthetic form.

Leonardo da Vinci noted that, if our vision can grasp landscapes and faces in the accident blots, the same way it can ‘deconstruct,’ eliminate the integrity of an object’s image. And that purified natural form becomes the basic artistic material for the painter.

Nevertheless, Gheorghe Virtosu doesn’t copy the natural forms but rather follows their dynamics and movement: sudden twists of the line, compositional pauses, coloristic bursts are consonant with the natural processes of birth, growth, and decay. The artist blurs the borders between ‘narrative’ and ‘non-narrative art,’ asking us “What is the reality, if not one of the most abstract things in the world?”

Da Vinci
Da Vinci (2016)

The artist signed representation in 2017. Our gallery successfully placed more than 135 Virtosu’s canvases within their new homes with investors and art collectors worldwide.

Since his public appearance in 2016, exposing his work to a wider audience, the artist has grown into a highlight of the abstract art realm. Valued by art lovers, investors and art galleries, the artist makes his canvases accessible and provides inspiration for young, upcoming artists. For investors and art collectors, it is the chance to buy artworks that fit their strategies.

Of course, Virtosu art pieces can be viewed here on our website and new pieces are being added all the time, so do keep checking back in.

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