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#20 "Speak to the future while preserving the memory of the past" - Solo Exhibition

Artist Talk

Gheorghe Virtosu

A lively culture that can at once accept the value of tradition and dissent. With the past century being one of radical change, both globally and for Jews throughout the Diaspora as well as in Israel, our list here may be seen a is something akin to “The Centuries in Jewish History,” if you will, with one moment and movement leading into the next.

Art Show

The works

1. Albert Einstein
2. Athaliah Queen of Judah
3. Baptism of Jesus
4. Bathsheba Queen Mother
5. Hagar wife of Abraham
6. Jezebel Queen of Israel
7. Judge of Jesus
8. Miriam The Prophetess
9. Sadness of Queen Sibylla
10. Salome Alexandra
11. Solomon
12. The Jewish Spirit
13. Theotokos

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