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Gheorghe Virtosu - Collection 2017 - Part 4

#19 "Art - the most effective form of therapy" - Solo Exhibition

Artist Talk

Gheorghe Virtosu

"When we are inspired, we are motivated to accomplish something in life. We have an urging or a draw that tugs at our hearts, souls, and minds.

Inspiration fuels a person’s creativity, inventiveness, and imagination. I was asking myself - “What is next?”.

Inspired people do not give up, rather they are encouraged by the challenges that life frequently presents.

Challenges, tribulations and trials strengthened my resolve. It is the application of need; need to survive, need to thrive, that is often the catalyst that helps me prove resilient in the face of hardships and life challenges.

As I have mentioned before, I possess a special or personal sense for detecting suffering in all its forms, whether it’s my own, or other people’s. My writing and drawing is a form of protest against ignorance and against our constant failure to relate to our peers on a fundamental level, as human beings. Inspiration helps me modify my negative features into positive ones. I seek to achieve, to attain, and accomplish or bring out the best in myself.

We have a weak social fabric that practices severe prejudice, selective justice, inequality, wars, criminality, stigma, and discrimination against the most vulnerable sections of society-women and girls, children, senior citizens, minorities, etc.

Let’s consider this: In the urban areas, stress, peer pressure, globalization, and liberalization have taken a heavy toll. Suicides and divorces, aggression and violence are on the rise. And then there is environmental and occupational pollution. Employees are confined to limited cubicles at their workstations with scant ventilation, naturally, stress becomes inevitable. No wonder, many are flocking to ashrams, retreats, spas in search of spiritual solace and happiness, which is indeed life’s goal.

In my case, I was confronted with and defeated unimaginable hardship, but more importantly, I have been inspired by it and I managed to channel all my anger and frustrations and turned them into art: an elegant way of rising above the ugliness of the world.

Writing and painting has become the most effective form of therapy, an effective way of dealing with frustration, loss and anger.

I found in art an ideal form of elevating negative emotions and transforming them into rewarding projects meant to spread and replenish happiness and a zest for life. As hard as it sounds but this is the source of inspiration.'”.

Art Show

The works

1. Pride parade
2. Prosperity
3. Quasimodo in Love
4. Revolutionary Ideology
5. Ruqayyah bint Muhammad
6. Salvador Dali
7. Sancho Panza
8. Socialist fraternal kiss
9. The century of dolphins
10. The royal guard
11. The source of life
12. The Three Bogatyrs
13. Theotokos
14. Travestite
15. Twin clowns

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