Virtosu Art Gallery Exhibitions

Gheorghe Virtosu - Collection 2016 - Part 4

#15 "Painting - the projection of a state of mind" - Solo Exhibition

Artist Talk

Gheorghe Virtosu

"All passed through the filter of our consciousness. I only put the seal on the creative act that overwhelms me. I am just a witness, who artistically annotates different aspects of society before releasing them back 'in the wild' as a millennial reflection of the fundamental values of existence."

Art Show

The works

1. Rosa Parks
2. Salome Alexandra
3. Suleiman the Magnificent
4. Syrian spirit
5. Taxman
6. Technological diseases
7. The Austro-Hungarian Empire
8. The burden of Bill Gates
9. The Century of duck
10. The Jewish Spirit
11. The Knight of Atlantis
12. The Last of the Mohicans
13. The Magician
14. The mask of innocence
15. Theodore Roosevelt

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