Virtosu Art Gallery Exhibitions

Gheorghe Virtosu - Collection 2016 - Part 2

#13 "Music and poetry" - Solo Exhibition

Artist Talk

Gheorghe Virtosu

"Music and poetry accompany me in everything I do. I instantly vibrate to a composition born out of pure emotion. In other words, I embrace everything that triggers a deep feeling."

Art Show

The works

1. Evil Eye
2. Facades of democracy
3. Freemasons
4. French spirit
5. Frustrated Harlequin
6. Galileo Galilei
7. Globetrotter monk
8. Hagar wife of Abraham
9. Isaac Newton
10. Jehovah
11. Jezebel Queen of Israel
12. Jordanian Child
13. Kim Jong Un
14. Lascivious Pope Benedict XVI
15. Lobbyist of the Vatican

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