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#10 “Man of the Day” or a contemplative philosopher - Solo Exhibition

Artist Talk

Gheorghe Virtosu

" My artwork is a materialization of the philosophy of my contemplative nature. It is like a confession in front of today’s society, more like a bird’s-eye view of the current situation of the world. Only society can lead this artwork to the “red carpet.” After it comes alive, artwork does not belong to the artist anymore. It’s exactly as in the case of a child who does not belong to the mother once born. And then, in the contemporary era, how many of us would make this difference between a “man of the day” and a contemplative philosopher?. I like to believe that my artwork will be known to the entire world just through the fact that it transcends the dual nature of the world we live in. My conscience and art creations level have long overcome this paradigm. "

Art Show

The works

1. Saddam Hussein
2. Sadness of Queen Sibylla
3. Saladin
4. Samson and Delilah
5. Schumacher's New Race Competition
6. Serge Gainsbourg
7. Shia ideology
8. Solomon
9. Stateira I
10. Steve Jobs
11. Sunni ideology
12. Syria's nuisance
13. Taiwanese Spirit
14. The Beast of Nazism
15. The Beatles

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