Gheorghe Virtosu - Collection 2015 - Part 3

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Gheorghe Virtosu - Collection 2015 - Part 4

#9 "Crucial moments " Solo Exhibition

Artist Talk

Gheorghe Virtosu

" In crucial moments of my life, I abandon myself to hazard, and there have been many times when I welcomed hazards and stared it in the eyes, inviting it to give me its best shot. This is the beauty of being an artist I’ve always thought of hazard as a tornado, and my best moments of inspiration are when I rest in the eye of the storm; the world spins around me at dizzying speeds, and my art carries the imprint of that. I try to transpose into life everything that surprises me the most and I draw my reward from completing my artwork. This is probably another wording for an issue previously discussed: the relationship between real and imaginary. "

Art Show

The works

1. Mao Zedong
2. Marx and Engels
3. Mick Jagger
4. Monica Lewinsky
5. Mother Teresa
6. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk
7. Napoleon Bonaparte
8. Park Geun-hye
9. Peter Lohr
10. Pinocchio in maturity
11. Pol Pot
12. Rembrandt
13. Revival of ancient Egypt
14. Richard Nixon
15. Robben Island

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