Gheorghe Virtosu - Collection 2015 - Part 3

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Gheorghe Virtosu - Collection 2015 - Part 3

#8 "Colors ascribed to Solitude" Solo Exhibition

Artist Talk

Gheorghe Virtosu

You are saying that your muse is Solitude: what colors would you ascribe to Solitude?

" Yes. Solitude is my muse. It inspires me. It guides me every moment, so it can be immaculate but can also be incredibly selfish. Short answer: the whole color range (smiling). Solitude changes with every appearance. "

Art Show

The works

1. Francisco Franco
2. Freddie Mercury
3. Gaius Octavius
4. Guide of consciousness
5. Guide of Happy Moments
6. Guy of Lusignan
7. Illuminati
8. Indonesian Spirit
9. Japanese Spirit
10. Jimmy Carter
11. Johnny Hallyday
12. Klara Pölzl
13. Lona and Morris Cohen
14. Louis XVI
15. Manco Cápac

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