Gheorghe Virtosu - Collection 2015 - Part 1
20 March 2020

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Gheorghe Virtosu - Collection 2015 - Part 2

#7 "The difference between real and imaginary" Solo Exhibition

Artist Talk

Gheorghe Virtosu

"I agree with Picasso, up to a point: imagination can be dented the moment we are confronted by a real feeling emotion of a certain intensity. Either suffering or overwhelming happiness. It is the perfect moment of birth for what we call reality. They say that the brain has no other way to make the difference between reality and imaginary unless it employs the senses."

"I would go even farther and say that imaginary is the only passage towards reality, with the help of the rational that reacts at every new-born thought. Perhaps this is precisely why positive people can make themselves feel happy, while pessimists are unhappy. Everything depends on vibrations that touch conscience when the imaginary turns into reality. I strongly believe in every dream of mine and I feel like I’ve come full circle with every dream that comes true. I treat my thoughts, as well as my facts with the same lucidity."

Art Show

The works

1. Captivity of Industry
2. Che Guevara
3. Chinese Spirit
4. Cuba at the Arrival Point
5. Cyrus the Great
6. Darius III
7. Defender of Tibet
8. Édith Piaf
9. Egyptian spirit
10. Empress Elisabeth
11. Eternal engagement of good with evil
12. Europe in the 66th Century
13. European's Solidarity
14. Eva and Juan Peron
15. Fidel Castro

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