Gheorghe Virtosu - Collection 2015 - Part 1
20 March 2020

Virtosu Art Gallery Exhibitions New York

Gheorghe Virtosu - Collection 2015 - Part 1

#6 "Abstract art for those who don’t know me" Solo Exhibition

Artist Talk

Gheorghe Virtosu

"To understand abstract art, one needs to keep an open mind and have the knowledge and the imagination to help grasp its meaning. And if you ask me, it takes a lot of those two put together when it comes to creating and understanding abstract art. In other words, there is not only one correct answer to your question. Abstract art, compared with the classical one, can lead to an infinity of interpretations. What can be more beautiful?. When contemplating a painting, the viewer delves into its depth, very much like sky-divers letting themselves plunge in the infinity of heaven, offering a unique landscape and an equally exceptional experience. All of this depends on the life-experience and the emotional assets each of the viewers is equipped with, and their ability to apply their imagination to it. The reciprocal approach could be valid too: past experiences and feelings mold imagination. At this point in our discussion, I think it is essential to add the fact that understanding abstract art does not come naturally for everybody. Returning to heavenly sky example, it never offered the viewer a classical painting, which I consider the end product, polished and very well laid out according to rigor and rules, material as well as moral. In the context of our living universe, static nature makes no sense. Everything around us is changing all the time, which is precisely the case of abstract art. Its fluidity appeals to intuition and to a primal survival instinct which allows us to walk at the same pace with the world around us."

"If I were to make a comparison for abstract art, I would choose Time as a token! Alternatively, I would look no further than the colors in nature that exist in an infinity of hues, which we name according to the intensity of feelings they create within us. I would dare say in the end that abstract art is, in fact, the one which replicates the pace and the versatile nature of the real world, while the classical art is limited by our minds."

"It is also true that abstract art, since it has no concrete content, may create confusion among those used to be offered a precise significance, a drawback I blame on schools, for being so limited in their theories, which often end up as dogmas. The abstract art pushes you to find the individual meaning behind each form, and this is where classical art lets us down."

"Simply put, I would describe abstract art as being the mastery of exploring formal notions such as line, texture, color, composition, phenomenon, universal structures to create a new and unique experience, one that can be rational or powerfully emotional (preferably). It is exactly as if we’re admiring a flower or listening to a delightful piece of music, or reading a poem dedicated to us: the boundaries within which our emotions flow are set by us alone. It sometimes happens to have glimpses of a strange memory that flashes back in crucial moments when we are assailed by fate and our personality breaks down and merges with the collective nature of humanity and its millennial consciousness. And in a blink of an eye, we assume the biography of the entire humanity and we have bestowed the favor to reflect our suffering, our fate over all the people and overall generations because we could not bear it by ourselves in one life. We name it then “human condition,” and it becomes miraculously bearable. Talking about abstract art, I consider that success is achieved when the artwork transforms itself into a mirror for the viewer’s existence, which blends harmoniously with the artist’s reality, thus mirroring glimpses from this collective conscience."

Art Show

The works

2. Abraham Lincoln
3. Adolf Hitler
4. Aladdin
5. America In The 30th Century
6. American Policy in the 21st Century
7. American Spirit
8. Amy Winehouse
9. Augusto Pinochet
10. Australian Spirit
11. Balian of Ibelin
12. Bill Clinton
13. British Diplomacy
14. Buddha Dharma
15. Captain James Cook

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