What Pablo Picasso Can teach Us About Evolving As An Artist
March 26, '20
Evolving As An Artist

by Virtosu Art Gallery

March 26, '20

What Pablo Picasso Can teach Us About Evolving As An Artist

One of the best ways to grow and become a successful artist is by learning and seeking inspiration from the world’s most successful artists. Among the best artists in the world that you can learn from is Pablo Picasso. This is a man who was brave enough to create his destiny by looking for ways to re-invent himself regardless of what his enemies said. He enjoyed creating art and having fun like a child.

You can learn a lot from his discoveries and philosophies to improve the quality of your work. As the famous saying goes, the game is always the same; only the players change. By incorporating his discoveries and philosophies into your work, you’ll also become successful. Remember, success leaves tracks. Here are some of the critical lessons you can learn from Pablo Picasso.

1. Emulate children

Do you remember how you acted when you were five years old? You could imagine anything you wanted. There were no restrictions in your mind. When your parents brought you pencils and a drawing book, you drew anything that came to mind. You expressed your curiosity on paper. In your life, there was no good or bad art. There were no rules that governed your drawing styles.

As you got older, everyone started telling you what you should not do. And this made you less and less creative. Today, you are probably not satisfied with the result of your work. To become a great artist, you have to awaken the child within. But how do you do this when you’re getting older every day?

Emulate children

All you need to do is forget about the rules you’ve learned over the years. Just draw to have fun. Express what your heart wants you to. Don’t seek other people’s approval after drawing. Remember, you didn’t seek consent from anyone when you started drawing as a child. It might take you a couple of years to copy other peoples’ styles but a lifetime to draw or paint like a child.

When you start drawing, you are generally encouraged to copy the masters in your field. You eventually become a master at imitating others. Once you’re done with training, you’ll have to kill the masters in your drawing life by not allowing their influence to affect you.

According to the college paper, art is all about expressing oneself, not others. The more experienced you become, the more you need to avoid following the set rules. One of the fascinating things about Picasso was his ability to draw an image in its essence. To do this, he had to have fun by finding the child within.

Observe the children around you. Notice how they don’t stick to the rules. Notice how they grow and learn while having fun. Now, observe the adults around you. Notice how serious they are in their offices. And how they do their best to follow the rules.

2. Steal great ideas

You should take some of the best ideas created or developed by those who came before you. But this does not mean blindly imitating everything that they do. You should use these ideas to transform your work.

While the majority of people insist on being original, the truth is there nothing new under the sun. Our minds are a collection of past experiences of life. We need the cooperation of the people around us to succeed in anything we do. And that includes art.

When you start painting or drawing, you’ll need to learn how to do it effectively by looking at the masters. Therefore, if you want to create something original, all you need to do is use as many sources as possible to create your piece. But using many sources is not enough. You have to add your spin to it. Think of the ways you can create a piece of art while adding your interpretation.

By knowing what you can bring to the table, you will always create something original. Remember, you don’t have to start from scratch. And don’t feel any shame stealing ideas from great artists. Most of them did the same. Infuse your individuality and spirit into the piece.

Action is the foundation of success
3. Action is the foundation of success

As assignment writing service reports, every artist has several great ideas at any moment that can create a fortune. The problem is not generating ideas but taking action. When you fail to take action, nothing remarkable can happen. Remember, art is a very practical field.

When you stop drawing or painting, you start falling back. Stop thinking about your ideas and start acting. Pablo Picasso wouldn’t have climbed the ladder of success had he failed to take action. It’s essential to develop not only the idea mindset but also the action mindset.

4. Use what you have right now

You don’t have to have everything to start drawing or painting. Even if you don’t have all the essentials, chances are you have all you need to move to the next level. Pablo Picasso was known for drawing his pieces with one color. When asked why he used one color, he said that that was the only color he had.

It’s easy to procrastinate when you don’t have everything. However, keep in mind that you have all you need to go to the next level. Use what you have, and more will be added unto you. If you fail to use what you have, even those will be taken away from you.

Paint your world
5. Paint your world

Art is all about expressing oneself. Everyone has a different and unique perspective of the world. What is a reality for one person is entirely ridiculous for another. And that’s what makes art interesting. It’s all about expressing and exploring other peoples’ worlds.

When we express ourselves, we can evoke emotions or even distort reality. According to Pablo Picasso, the world does not make sense, and neither should your drawings.

6. Do away with the unnecessary

The more you study successful people in any field, the more you’ll realize how simple their lives are. Becoming successful is not about adding things but subtracting or eliminating as many things as you can. According to Warren Buffet, the difference between ordinary people and great people is great people say “No” to almost everything.

This principle applies to the world of art. Look at Pablo Picasso’s art and notice how simple they are. He could have included tons of things. But he chose not to. Eliminating unnecessary enables you to focus on the most important things.

7. Don’t repeat what you create

If you want to evolve as an artist, you have to avoid copying yourself repeatedly. To grow, you’ll have to copy the masters. But copying yourself will eventually lead to stagnation. Similar to an athlete or bodybuilder, you have to intensify your activities to improve your capabilities. When you do this, you will be motivated to move forward and change your styles.

Instead of focusing on painting or drawing alone, you should consider other forms of art, such as sculpture and poetry, to name a few. You should never be satisfied with what you create because it will stop you from innovating. Therefore, stop looking at your previous works and start everything from scratch every day.


Your art represents you. Do not draw or paint with the aim of pleasing others. Let’s face it. A lot of people think negatively than positively. Also, nobody cares. By awakening the child within and practicing the lessons that Pablo Picasso left behind, you’ll be among the top 10 percent of artists in the world. Start today. You have nothing to lose!

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