War Art
War Art Theme in abstract of Gheorghe Virtosu
29 December '18
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by Alina Livneva

29 December '18

War Art

War Art Theme in abstract of Gheorghe Virtosu

The war art theme creates a visual account of the impact of war on our society. The works produced illustrate and record many aspects of war and the individual's experience of war, whether allied or enemy, service or civilian, military or political, social or cultural. The artist embraces the causes, course, and consequences or results of conflict, and has essentially educational purpose.

Gheorghe Virtosu depicts war activities in ways that cameras and the written word cannot.

Art is an expression of our emotions, thoughts, and desires.

G. Virtosu

Despite official war artists that have been appointed by governments for information or propaganda purposes Virtosu has gone through a Soviet military carrier who experienced war in Afghanistan and other conflict zones and chose to record his experiences.

As a witness of the war he produced a series of works that combine elements coded into abstract canvases titled accordingly, so the viewer can reflect and meditate on the message brought up by the artist.

War art has, for most of history has been a popular subject. Yet art is never greater than when it questions social convention and exposes hypocrisy.

It is only in relatively recent times that the subject of war has been able to be addressed within abstract art. With the growing art-sophistication has come a rethinking of the role played by war art theme in art history. Only now can we properly appreciate that the theme comes in many guises.

When we discuss Virtosu creativity, the line is usually the same—that it arises from personal, interior spaces. No matter the medium he chooses to operate in, his reality is articulated in his work. This phenomenon creates a series of expectations about both the artist and his work.

Gheorghe Virtosu’s acclaimed War art theme landmark with a series of works, this bold new series of abstract paintings broadens the canvas to reveal the role of War across multiple cultures.

In 14 artworks, War Art theme travels the globe, hitting landmarks like 2000 Camp David Summit, Alexander the Great, Atomic Era, Blairism, Clairvoyant of world war III, Elements of World Power, Gaddafi sentence, Iranian spirit, Isaac and Ishmael, Jezebel Queen of Israel, Joan of Arc, Suleiman the Magnificent, The Austro-Hungarian Empire, Winston Churchill.

The theme explores a sweeping range of topics as the titles speak for themselves.

War art is a gorgeously conceived examination of how humans are intimately connected through issues the society faces. In a time when we often seem distant from each other, the works are an inspiring reminder that we share the effects of our human behavior.

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