The Pérez Art Museum: A Modern Art and Entertainment Experience
March 13, '20
Pérez Art Museum

by Alina Livneva

March 13, '20

The Pérez Art Museum: A Modern Art and Entertainment Experience

Miami might be famous for its parties in South Beach, but the art museums in Miami are some of the best in Florida!

If you've come to Miami to explore the art and culture of the city, you can't miss out on a visit to the Pérez Art Museum. Stunning architecture, great location, and incredible artwork on display, this museum has got it all. More than just an art museum, the Pérez Museum is a celebration of Miami itself.

Right here - we've got everything you need to know about the Pérez Art Museum. Keep reading to learn more!

Pérez Art Museum

What to Expect From the Pérez Art Museum

When you visit the Pérez Art Museum in Miami, Fl, the artistic experience begins before you even enter the galleries.

The intriguing Vertical Garden and Hanging Vegetation on the outside of the building is a work of art itself. The garden was designed to withstand category five hurricane winds, and there are over 77 different plant species in the garden!

The clean white lines and tall columns of the Pérez Museum embody a classy style unique to Florida. The greenery hanging around the building gives it a bit of a wild feel, almost reminiscent of a mangrove.

Before you go inside, you'll want to take some time to explore the unique sculpture garden and enjoy the breeze coming off the Biscayne Bay. Just don't get stuck outside — there's a wealth of modern and contemporary art to enjoy within the museum's concrete walls!

Artwork in the Pérez Museum

Artwork in the Pérez Museum

The museum's permanent collection of artwork places a heavy emphasis on the diversity and cultural richness that is embodied within Miami. You'll see many artistic representations of U.S. Latinx experiences. The Caribbean is also the main character in the Pérez museum's artwork, as well as stories of the African diaspora.

The temporary exhibitions that cycle through the museum also celebrate this diversity. Past and current shows have included titles such as:

José Carlos Martinat: American Echo Chamber (an exploration of the "echo chamber" within the American political landscape)

Teresita Fernandéz: Elemental (a sculptural exhibition inviting us to examine the natural world, the U.S. social order, and our place within it all)

The Other Side of Now: Foresight in Contemporary Caribbean Art (a collection of multiple Caribbean artists and perspectives)

Meleko Mokgosi: Your Trip to Africa (a political critique of postcolonialism in Africa)

Artwork in the Pérez Museum

These are only a few of the many incisive and inspiring exhibitions that have come through the PAMM. If you live close enough to Miami to keep coming back, then see them all! If you're only passing through on holiday, you can rest assured that whatever's on display during your visit will be worth seeing.

Snack and Shop Before You Go

After taking in the artwork on display in the museum, enjoy a drink or something to eat in Verde. The museum's bar and restaurant offers both indoor and outdoor seating with a fantastic view of Biscayne Bay. Enjoy locally-sourced food, handcrafted cocktails, and more.

Before you leave, take a moment to stop by the gift shop for some unique gifts and chic PAMM souvenirs.

History of the Pérez Art Museum

As mentioned above, the Pérez Museum in Miami is currently located in an architecturally stunning building that overlooks Biscayne Bay. The museum opened its doors in this location with the new name of the Pérez Museum in 2013. However, the museum has a much longer history than that. Understanding the story behind the museum adds a bit of extra depth and enjoyment to visiting the museum. Let's take a brief look at how the Pérez Museum of Art came to be!

Evolution of the Pérez Art Museum

Evolution of the Pérez Art Museum

In 1984, the Center of Fine Arts opened in Miami, which would be the "grandparent" of sorts to the Pérez Museum. This little center opened with only temporary exhibitions, but high aspirations to be an important artistic center in the city.

By 1994, plans were underway to establish a permanent collection within the museum. With a vision for a waterfront building that could be representative of the city, the museum's name changed to the Miami Art Museum.

In the years that followed, the museum's educational programs and community involvement continued to grow. As the city of Miami also grew in global stature, it was clear that the museum needed an upgrade that could represent the city's stature as a cultural hub. Award-winning architects Herzog & de Meuron were commissioned to design the breathtaking building where the museum now lives.

How the Pérez Art Museum Got Its Name

Wondering who the Pérez behind the Pérez Museum's name is?

Jorge Pérez is an art collector of Cuban descent who was born in Argentina. He grew up in Bogotá, Colombia, before moving to Miami. His multi-country background is typical of the diverse cultures that make up Miami, as well as the artists who are represented within the Pérez Museum.

He left Miami long enough to get a master's degree in urban planning but returned to invest in Miami's urban development. Jorge was one of the first donors to support the museum. Between art and money, he has donated over $40 million to the museum. The museum was renamed after him in recognition of his generous investments in the museum and its vision.

Planning Your Trip to the Perez Art Museum

The museum is open five days a week (closed on Wednesdays). The museum hours are 10 am-6 pm, except on Thursdays when the museum stays open until 9 pm.

Free tours of the museum are included with your admission price ($16, standard adult). Admission to the museum is free on first Thursdays and the second Saturdays of every month!

The museum hosts a variety of events throughout the year, from lectures to luncheons. Check the museum calendar before your visit to see what kind of crafting events or storytime might be happening at the Pérez during your stay! Above All, Enjoy!

As art aficionados, we know the pleasure that fine art brings.

Sometimes it's through shaking us up and pushing us out of our comfort zone. Other times, art gives us a quiet joy through its beauty and relaxation. The Pérez Art Museum offers its visitors a little bit of both types of experiences. Check out the Virtosu Art Blog for more stories and art information like this!

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