Unique art styles. The spirit of modern art

by Shane Lewis

28 June '19

Silent observer of the world puts his thoughts on canvas

Human reality through observational art of Gheorghe Virtosu

Which leadership quality would be at the top of your list? Many might say the ability to see the bigger picture – and rightly so!

The essence of this quality is encapsulated in the classic “stonecutter short-story.” There are several versions of the story and several ways to interpret its timeless lessons. It powerfully illustrates the importance of perception in our approach to work.

Real leadership quality is demonstrated through both seeing that picture, and through ensuring others see it. By building a shared vision.

A great leader Gheorghe Virtosu has decided to put his observational skills at work. Creating abstract paintings depicting the modern social fabric has become a full-time job for the artist.

A good observation example is the work I have made in 2017 titled Socialist Fraternal Kiss.

Socialist Fraternal Kiss (2017) Gheorghe Virtosu
Socialist Fraternal Kiss (2017)

The savagery of this kiss inverts the values of a universal human nature and, also, embroils affection itself in the murky and brutal world of a repressive politics that strips human beings of their freedom, their dignity, and their lives.

For me the first thirty years of life was experience – the rest is observation.

Observational art is an integral component of our society. Often, art is the core method of communicating ideas. Although most of us are usually expecting works realistic in nature, they do not need to be hyper-realistic. Often, it is the unrealistic parts: the unexpected mark-making – the gap between the real object and what is drawn – where the soul sneaks in. It is the beauty in smudges and irregularities and artistic interpretation.

Unique art styles. The spirit of modern art
Fatimah Bint Muhammad (2017)

This beautiful painting by Gheorghe Virtosu is a perfect illustration of how an artist can inject some soul into a modernist work on the contradictory theme of the woman in the Muslim society. This is where the magic lies.

I think that my job is to observe the world. I do not judge and do not make conclusions. I would like to leave everything wide open to the world.

If one asked me what is observation?

Observation is an activity of a human, which is necessary to receive knowledge of the world. Observation is the active acquisition of information from our primary sources, our experience, and life. Observation employs our senses and refers to the information we collect during our life.

Unique art styles. The spirit of modern art
Isaac And Ishmael (2016)

The artist is attempting to create powerful links between the historical significance of the conflict, the relationship between the brothers and their father, and the aftermath of religious beliefs that have been carried down through centuries.

I am focusing my observation on challenges or social phenomena like wars, and inequality, gender issues, government accountability and corruption, religious conflicts, discrimination, immigration, destruction - building blocks of our human nature.

Unique art styles. The spirit of modern art
Lesbian Marriage (2017)

The work addresses the concept of same-sex marriage that burst in the outer reality not so long ago. The viewer is invited to reflect on conjugal marriage, the need not, and should not prohibit the consensual relationship.

"Today’s world hangs between the darkest of perils and the brightest blaze of possibility. This time in history demands more from everyone of us than perhaps even past generations have felt. It requires that you think of yourselves as moral leaders. You have to be awake. To dream. Too many of us wait. We tell ourselves that the problems are too big; our skills and resources, too small. Remember, your job is not to be perfect. It is only to be human." - G. Virtosu.

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