5 November '18

Make good art or what makes art good?

Reflection on question - what makes art good?

31 July '19

Cool Abstract Paintings and How to Create Abstract Art

The transformation of characters into symbols. Creating cool paintings in abstract art language.

12 September '19

Most Famous Abstract Paintings Today, Impact and Recognition

20 Most Famous abstract paintings

11 October '18

Best modern abstract artists. Best abstract paintings of all time.

Abstract art stars and best abstract paintings of all time

10 October '18

What is Abstract Art? Definition & Examples

Abstract Art Paintings and Abstract Art Movements

25 September '18

Art Themes at Virtosu Art Gallery

The thematic approach - simplification of visual culture

11 September '18

20 Beautiful Abstract Oil Paintings. The Medium of Beautiful Art.

4 September '18

How to find great abstract paintings

Why finding abstract paintings of quality takes effort?

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