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7 June '19

Can the old masters paintings be relevant again?

Society finally gets to decide what is great.

6 June '19

The perspective of becoming an artist

Artistic endeavor is one of the most challenging paths only very creative and talented people shall take.

20 June '19

The story behind Virtosu Art Gallery

Success is what you leave the world

6 June '19

Myths and Legends in art

Be inspired by myths and legends – or create your own!

3 June '19

Art is an opportunity to build a stronger community

Word from Virtosu Art Gallery owner Daniel Varzari

3 June '19


About ART TAICHUNG 19 Jul - 21 Jul 19

31 May '19

Taking in Gheorghe Virtosu, Creator of new Worlds

Artist Experience by curator Robert McIntosh

15 May '19

The Cultural Impact on Art Collecting

Experiences of Olyvia Kwok

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