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12 October '18

Famous abstract paintings

20 Most Famous abstract paintings

11 October '18

Best abstract artists

Today abstract art stars - 10 Most successful abstract artists today

10 October '18

Define Abstract Art

What is abstract art?

25 September '18

Art Themes at Virtosu Art Gallery

The thematic approach - simplification of visual culture

11 September '18

20 abstract paintings depicting great world personalities

Abstract artist working on Great World Personalities Series

4 September '18

How to find great abstract paintings

Why finding abstract paintings of quality takes effort?

30 august '18

Artist 's pursuit of expressive freedom through abstract art

Great Energy, Colors, and Motion – Gheorghe Virtosu ’s pursuit of expressive freedom

27 August '18

Why Wall Art is a must component of a modern interior design

Interior designers using gallery walls more often nowadays

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