10 July '18

Evaluation of Eleanor Heartney: A radical and conservative art critic

Eleanor Heartney - Art Critic

9 July '18

Hope In The Dark, Rebecca Solnit, Books & Quotes

Rebecca Solnit Men Explain Things To Me

29 July '19

What Is Contemporary Art? How To Understand It?

Contemporary art meaning & The ‘artist-artwork-viewer’ triangle - the ability of the audience to listen

7 July '18

Abstract Geisha Painting in Modern Japanese Art

Geisha Art - the Japanese Contemporary Art Heritage

6 July '18

Flying man - a musical piece by the master of abstract!

The Secret Of beautiful abstract Oil Painting

5 July '18

Modern Egyptian Art Paintings

Egyptian cat art - the fusion of transcendental and secular aspects of existence

4 July '18

Disappointed storks - the melancholic tune canvas

The feeling of dispair oil painting

23 June '18

Meet the book writer and abstract artist Gheorghe Virtosu

The contemporary artist restless universe

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