2 February '19

The Mind-Bending Perspectives Of Abstract Artist, Gheorghe Virtosu

Experience extraordinary things!

29 January '18

Ming Dynasty - Style That Shaped The Centuries

So what is it about the Ming Dynasty that makes our artistic mouths water?

29 December '18

Best contemporary abstract paintings

Art challenge - Best selling abstract paintings

29 December '18

War Art

War Art Theme in abstract of Gheorghe Virtosu

26 December '18

The Art Movements That Defined Abstract Art in the 20th Century

Abstract Art

26 December '18

Transgender Art Theme

Rethinking of the role played by transgender in art history

24 December '18

Central concern of humanity

Abstract Art Theme - Existence origin and civilizations

22 December '18

The art of seeing canvas beauty. Modes of expression

The limitations of our own eyes and the art of seeing

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