National Gallery of Art Washington DC
"A national art museum equal to those of other great nations."
January 27, '20
National Gallery of Art Washington DC

by Alina Livneva

January 27, '20

National Gallery of Art Washington DC

"A national art museum equal to those of other great nations."

The National Gallery of Art in Washington DC is an established gallery of fine arts, founded in 1892. The story behind this state of the art gallery is that it was initially known as the Metropolitan Museum. In later years it was given its current name and designation as a museum. Some of the most famous museums around the world are the Met, the Louvre, the British Museum, the Prado, and the American Tradition Art Museum. Of these, the Met holds the title of the largest art museum in the world.

National Gallery of art Washington dc - Famous paintings

The National Gallery of art Washington is especially famous for its national treasures, these include paintings by C.F. Winslow, John Singer Sargent, Thomas Cole, William Henry Pratt, and James Monroe.

You can find almost any artist. The two most common artists that you are likely to find in the National Gallery are Edgar Degas and Pablo Picasso. These two are likely to find the highest number of visitors each year. Other well-known artists include Vincent Van Gogh, Mark Rothko, William Klein, Wassily Kandinsky, and Mark Rothko.

Ginevra de' Benci, Leonardo da Vinci, ca. 1474/1478.
Ginevra de' Benci, Leonardo da Vinci, ca. 1474/1478.

The portrait of Ginevra is the only da Vinci painting on public display in the US. The 15th-century oil is more austere than Leonardo da Vinci's best-known work, made about 25 years later. There was no smile on the face of the young woman, probably 16 and newly engaged when she posed. However, such as "Mona Lisa," she is lovely, beautifully portrayed with da Vinci's then-innovative naturalism, and placed against landscapes rather than in stuffy parlors. Ginevra's cheeks are subtly curved, and her skin looks nearly translucent. On the canvas's reverse, a Latin motto proclaims, "beauty adorns virtue."

"Luncheon of the Boating Party," Pierre-Auguste Renoir, 1880-1881.

It is the best-known painting acquired by collector Duncan Phillips, but "Luncheon of the Boating Party" is not typical of the work assembled by him and his successors at the Phillips Collection. It is purchased in 1923, two years after the museum opened. The Phillips emphasizes colorists such as Mark Rothko. While Pierre-Auguste Renoir's painting is certainly colorful, it is more notable for its deft (if somewhat idealized) depiction of the artist's friends at leisure along the Seine. The picture was completed in 1881 when Impressionism was still suspect in France. However, it was never especially contentious. More diligent than Renoir's style is the scene itself, which portrays various classes people, relaxed and informally dressed.

Auguste Rodin,
Auguste Rodin, "The Burghers of Calais," 1884-1889, throw 1953-1959.

In a city full of jubilant statuary, "The Burghers of Calais" cracks the mold. It is large, yet human-scaled, and the heroism it celebrates is self-sacrifice, not conquest. From the 14th century, during one of those many wars between the French and their cousins throughout the channel, Calais was about to fall. England's Edward III reportedly said he would spare the city's residents if six of its leaders surrendered. They did but were not hanged, thanks to the intercession of Edward's queen, Philippa. Auguste Rodin, who completed this long-planned tribute in 1889, was the ideal artist to memorialize these men. His rough-edged, early-modernist style suits their small clothing and vanquished countenances. One of 12 official casts, The Hirshhorn's bronze was made in 1943 when France was enduring defeat.

Olmec jadeite mask, 900-300 B.C.
Olmec jadeite mask, 900-300 B.C.

An enormous Olmec head with a heavy headpiece and down-turned lips sit out the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History - but it is a reproduction of an original Meso-American carving. Smaller, but even more exquisite and real, Olmec pieces can be seen in the selection of Dumbarton Oaks. The gem, a jadeite mask from 900-300 B.C. that was once thought to be a job from China.

So, what else does the National Gallery have to offer?

You can find paintings, sculptures, original paintings and prints, print reproductions, and antiques. Some of the most sought after and beautiful artworks are from Van Gogh.

The West Building is one of the most beautiful buildings in Baltimore, Maryland. With the sculpture garden, the building has features that no other museum would offer to its visitors. It offers an excellent museum as well as a perfect place for your amusement and entertainment. To fully appreciate the sculpture garden, you have to know a bit of history. It was built by artists who were all members of the Baltimore group, The Maryland School of Art. The sculpture garden was meant to educate both adults and children about the arts of the area.

Washington dc national gallery sculpture garden

The sculpture garden is located in the West Building. If you visit the building, you will see sculptures by artists such as Thomas Hart Benton, Mary Shelly, Marjorie C. Hines, Anna James Smith, and Paul Christian Downing.

You will also find one of the most remarkable installations in the sculpture garden, which is a work of by artist Mary Atherton. It is called "Seascape." The statue itself is made of bronze and is quite large.

Among the most charming spots is the sculptures by Marjorie C. Hines. There are a number of sculptures around the house that are worth a stop - can be viewed from the patio.

There are also several museums in the sculpture garden. The Baltimore Museum is situated on the corner of Smithfield and Fayette Streets. Also, you can enjoy the exhibitions at the Maryland School of Art, which indeed offers high quality.

National gallery east building Washington dc
National gallery of art east building Washington dc

National gallery - east building Washington dc

The East Building in Philadelphia is one of the most beautiful in the United States. Its fine collections, associated with early American history, have preserved insight into early American society that has encouraged generations. Its collections reflect a culture of creative activity. Its exhibitions include major artists like Van Gogh, Van Munch, Monet, Picasso, and Chagall, spanning a diverse range of artistic creations from all over the world. The interiors are lavish in styles, range in colors and themes, that bring them to life. As an institution with great historical significance, the museum enjoys massive interest and appreciation. It preserves the history of the United States through art and the nation's culture of innovation and creativity. The museum's collection offers the opportunity to enter into a colorful, vibrant world. Most collections exhibit work that was done in large-scale pieces, while some are exhibited in a more personal context.

The artist collection at the Sainte-Chapelle Museum includes work by Pissarro, Monet, Noguera, Brancusi, and Miro. Visitors will appreciate the artistic sensibility exhibited in the National Gallery. Each exhibit portrays a different artistic taste and makes an impression.

The Philadelphia Museum of Art is a National Heritage American Historic Landmark and contains a rich array of materials, documents, and resources.

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