How to Write a Flawless Abstract Art Review
Aug 10, 2020
Abstract Art Review

by Virtosu Art Gallery

Aug 10, 2020

How to Write a Flawless Abstract Art Review

Finding your place in the abstract art world can be demanding and confusing. There are many reviewers out there, but only a handful of them are widely read and commented on. If you're among art reviewers who do it for their pleasure, go for it. However, in this guide, we will be discussing writing abstract art reviews that will be popular, shared, and monetized.

1. Start with the general

Before you start writing an abstract art review, you must know all the points incorporated in it. Therefore, to start with the first paragraph, it is advisable to include some general aspects. Here it is useful to make a general description incorporating some specific details subtly.

Additionally, it is also useful to leave a strong impression when commenting on the aspects that call the work's attention. In this way, you will be able to indicate to the reader that you have made a detailed and complete analysis. At the same time, it is necessary to highlight the aspects that manage to stand out in a work of art.

In this sense, this means choosing any aspect at random. On the contrary, the best reviews manage to interpret each piece of art deeply. It is essential to consider that every piece of art is made with a specific goal or function. Even abstract art can be related to some facet or aspect of life. So, if you detect these aspects, then you will be on the right track.

2. Relate the piece to the real world

It is instrumental in relating the interpretation of a piece of art to an experience of everyday life. One of the most common examples is to connect the most important aspects of a work of art to the best moments of a person's life. Some typical cases are a celebration, an important event, holidays, moments of peace, etc.

Here it may be useful to answer some crucial questions to organize a review better. Perhaps the most important question relates to the specific format the review will have. As we have mentioned, it is about organizing into a series of essential steps to obtain a positive outcome.

After that, the second most important question may be to know the specific representation of the artwork. Together with this, we can more conveniently develop the thought that the author has had. From this point on, it is possible to associate this thought with some aspects of people's lives.

Thirdly, the question that can follow this procedure is the impression that this piece of art has on those who contemplate it. Specifically, here the author should list the sensations that the piece of art produces in him. Beyond that, this question can be found related in the same paragraph, or be in a different paragraph.

3. Analyze the emotions and archetypes, refer to the artist's life

It is convenient to develop the feelings that a particular piece of art produces. So, here it is possible to express a certain admiration for some aspects or the whole work itself. One of the useful questions to answer on this occasion is to explain the artist's fame.

In the same sense, the work's interpretation could be related to some aspects of the author's life. Even this is a positive aspect since the greatest influence is the experiences lived by the author. In this way, we can also demonstrate a greater knowledge about what we are talking about on each occasion.

Of course, it is not necessary to develop the whole life of the artist. On the contrary, it will be enough to highlight the most critical aspects of the artist's life. Here, it will be necessary to highlight what we believe have been the specific influences of the work we are reviewing.

It can also be an excellent thing to briefly mention some outstanding works that the artist himself has developed. In this case, they should be pieces of art that can be known. On the contrary, if it is the only piece known by the author, it is advisable not to incorporate other works of art by other authors.

4. Don't be afraid to state your opinion directly

As a next step, it can be beneficial to develop the reviewer's idea. In particular, it may be relevant here to incorporate some critical aspects concerning the artwork. The reviewer can also give his or her own opinion about what could be changed.

One of the most common examples is what would happen with a different canvas or paint color than the one used. It is also possible to go a little further, mentioning what would happen if some other diverse landscape is incorporated. In other words, it is a matter of giving some constructive opinions about the work of art.

Especially when using the specific jargon of abstract art or art in general, we will be getting a more favorable result. This can be interpreted as in-depth and comprehensive knowledge about art in general. That is why it is advantageous to learn some of the essential words in this field.

5. Finally, it is necessary to make a specific conclusion of the complete review.

Here, each of the aspects that have been considered to make the description and the criticism must be incorporated. Of course, it is not a question of repeating what has already been said. On the contrary, each point should be briefly named to continue with a different final thought.

In the same sense, some obstacles or problems can be found when making a review of abstract art. One of the most common issues is the author's interpretation concerning the piece of art. Since it is abstract art, it can be challenging to detect the true meaning, or what a specific piece of abstract art wants to express.

That is why you must have a sharp interpretation of a piece of art. Besides that, it can be beneficial to investigate the life of the author in general. Thus, it will be possible to know a little more closely the correct interpretation we can establish for an abstract work of art.

Therefore, it is necessary to avoid criticizing the work of art if we do not understand its meaning or what it wants to express. By doing this, we will merely be showing that we have not fully understood the work of art. In particular, this does not speak ill of the author but speaks ill of ourselves as art critics.


Writing an abstract art review is complicated, and you have to be prepared even for negative backlash, especially if you're publishing on outlets with lots of active readers. However, sticking to these points above will help you resonate with the audience and provide a flawless abstract art review.

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