Great work of art The Century Of Dolphins
A sense of profound harmony and well-being
15 May '19
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by Robert McIntosh

15 May '19

Great work of art The Century Of Dolphins

A sense of profound harmony and well-being

The unique perspective, dynamic composition, and vibrant paint palette set the piece apart, even in series as celebrated as of historical grandmasters.

The positiveness that permeates the centerpiece may point at a success timeframe or period, as the canvas title helps us in our quest. Strong determination meets at the center of the work, the result is a captivating set that emanates a sense of profound harmony and well-being.

The use of oil colors also permits a fluid sense of space, apparent in Gheorghe Virtosu’s handling of the background in the present masterpiece, against which the firmly contoured and volumetrically shaded centerpiece, brimming with blossoms, appears to hover meaning as if in endless space.

The Century of Dolphins
The Century of Dolphins (2017)

The synthesis of this unique pictorial strategy is effective both as decoration, in the manner of Virtosu only, and as Symbolism, the transmutation of an idea or message into a heightened, visionary, and revelatory state.

Virtosu’s use of blue, red and yellow, blended to create an intermediate three dimensional tonalities, is Symbolist in effect, contrasting the artist’s natural motifs against an environment that has been subjectively conceived, in the expression of an enriched psyche, otherworldly state of mind that the artist wished to communicate to the viewer.

This painting is an insight into what makes a great work of art.

About author Robert McIntosh was born 1965 in Amsterdam, North Holland. He studied at Royal College of Art in South Kensington. Educated in England and the United States. Lives in Amsterdam. Has also lived in Russia. He works mainly with oil paintings and sculptures and is interested only in authentic and genuine art. Modern Art. Contemporary Art. He writes extensively on abstract art.

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