How to find great abstract paintings
Why finding abstract paintings of quality takes effort?
4 September '18
great abstract paintings abstract canvas art

by Alina Livneva

4 September '18

How to find great abstract paintings

Why finding abstract paintings of quality takes effort?

Abstract canvas art is a favorite among collectors who want to build a great art collection. Abstract canvas allows you to incorporate patterns, colors, and concepts that suit your needs and personality, whilst leaving the details and meaning of the artwork up to interpretation for a powerful impression.

Colorful abstract art is full of delicious details, with shapes and patterns that please your eyes and place your subconsciousness in a visual feast & contemplation of color and form!

Abstract painting can sometimes be confusing to understand, however, if you master the art reading techniques you may find great interest and contemplation in quality works. Good work is produced by good artists.

How can we define good artists?

A starting point would be a read through artist bio and statement. We all admire wise men because they have something to say, especially if they are talented and can communicate through art.

The Magician quality works, collectors abstract canvas art
The Magician (2016)
Great art is created by reach imagination and unusual interpretation of it. These are people with a strong foundation. Visionaries to have achieved through trial and error, constant creation and rich life experience, ups, and downs, tragic and/or dramatic events.

A good school and education will only block your imagination and reduce your ability of creation to the limits of your knowledge. Basically, you will be copying what you have learned so far. Many artists today lack inspiration and vision, making them suffer the wallpaper effect.

Art collectors do like artists who have something to say. Any collector would like to have a great abstract piece to form part of their portfolio and when it comes to making a purchase, determining which piece are indeed of quality can be challenging. The world is experiencing an increase in abstract paintings that are identical in size, color, and texture. It mainly relates to zombie formalism, making art lovers unsure about what they should even be looking for in contemporary art. The abundance of wallpaper effect may discourage you from getting out there and finding abstract paintings you love. You have to realize that finding a piece of quality might take some effort, especially in the century of unethical behavior and layered interests among art dealers, curators, and critics.

Many art galleries nowadays would not even understand the art they sell, focusing only on the commercial side of the business.

It seems that homework is for you to do. There are few things to focus so you master the process of buying abstract paintings. Let's focus on intention. We shall agree that an artwork has to have a recognizable intention.

There is no abstract art. You must always start with something. Afterward, you can remove all traces of reality.

- Pablo Picasso -

It is for you to decide what an abstract painting means to you and the feelings it evokes. See if you can identify the intention or meaning in the piece. Usually, the title will communicate the message and answer your questions like what is the painting trying to communicate? Or are there any new techniques being used? Don’t get scared if you see unusual styles, this is the sign of authenticity and artist potential.

great abstract paintings abstract canvas art Colorful abstract art
Modern Pollination (2016)

An intentional work of art always has something to say and has a point of view that will resonate with you on a profound level. The wallpaper effect has taken away the meaning in exchange for pleasing decorative pieces using accepted and borrowed techniques from their predecessors. It is easy to tell what is a look-a-like and what will be considered an important work of art down the road. The more you look at art, educate yourself with the past and current artists, the more you will be able to recognize the intention and the original idea of the artist.

Abstract painters will use some sort of axis to bring symmetry or asymmetry to the composition of their work, however, it is not a guiding rule. The balance created will set a quality abstract painting apart from an amateur one.

Quality abstract paintings are not randomly composed canvases, great art is made by using things in real life and representing them in abstract ways. That is the top skill only genuine artists poses. They depict the mood rather than the object itself.

Pay attention to the use of colors in oil painting, they are an important reflection of quality. Genuine abstract painters use colors with intention. After looking at different types of abstract paintings, you might start to notice colors that are randomly placed on a canvas versus ones that work into the piece. Colors are very symbolic and arouse different emotions. A good abstract painting will use colors meaningfully to portray a feeling. A masterpiece will portray the character.

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