Buy Art direct from the artist. Why should you?
June 15, 2020
Buy Art direct

by Virtosu Art Gallery

June 15, 2020

Buy Art direct from the artist. Why should you?

Are you striving to expand your art collection? Do you want to invest in excellent quality artwork? Are you looking forward to adding a unique touch to your space? Do the minute details crafted carefully on a piece of art fascinate you?

If your answer to most of these queries is in affirmation, then you have all the more reason to purchase original artwork directly from an artist.

The truth is, creative people, don't have the same deduction mechanism or belief system as other people, so that's why we can't comprehend their acts or obey their thought. Their consciences tick a bit differently from that of a regular person because it's moved by different narratives. If you want to be close to an artist, finding a way to appreciate their work is very important. No matter what kind of arts they're in, there's something special about them.

Master of the Waters
Master Of The Waters
One of the unique features of original art is the top-notch quality it possesses, which no replica can do justice to. When an artist puts his mind and soul in his work, even a hand-painted canvas appears to be three-dimensional. The perfect blend of intelligence, hues, quality of tools, and selection of tones determine the value of the artwork. There are too many artists, too many people who want to be artists, but the truth is most of them aren’t very good. That is the reason art collecting is centered around specific representatives and the rest may never get highlighted.

The art world, I think, is full of fakes. Fake originality, fake emotion, and critics' fake expertise—these are all around us and in such abundance that we hardly know where to look for the real thing. Or maybe there's nothing real? Maybe the world of art is just one huge pretense in which we all engage because, after all, there is no real cost to it, except for those wealthy enough to splash on junk? Possibly anything is art if anyone says it's. "It's all about taste," individuals say. But is there nothing to answer? Do we really have no way to distinguish true from false art?

Artists dedicate hours and hours of work on the texture, composition, and color blending. Their remarkable skills shine through the brilliant colors, subtle details, and great depth of the paintings. Our human need for beauty is not something that we could lack and still be fulfilled as people. It is a need arising from our moral nature. We can wander through this world, alienated, resentful, full of suspicion, and distrust. Or we can find our home here, coming to rest in harmony with others and with ourselves. And the experience of artistry guides us along this path. It tells us that we are at home in the world, that the world is already ordered in our perceptions as a place fit for the lives of beings like us.

Generally, when art galleries display the paintings, they take around 30% of the credit from the purchase. Most art galleries hire agents to bring in the artwork and communicate with the artist. These agents receive a hefty commission for their services whenever any painting is successfully purchased, and the artist gets whatever is left after the selling price.

Marx and Engels
Marx And Engels
Buying authentic artwork from an artist brings out colors to your space. It supports emerging artists' work, efforts, and aspirations. By uplifting the business, you are making the artists' hard work easily accessible to a vast range of people, which will hugely impact the artists' career. If the artist is likely to become famous through his success, then buying the original painting is no less than an excellent investment. You will sleep peacefully at night, knowing you put your money in the right place. Marx and Engels, the work above, were bought on the primary market for $196,000 in 2016. In 2019 offers exceeding $400,000 were declined by the owner of the piece.

Purchasing the art directly from the artist also has its perks. Dealing directly with an artist is convenient as it bypasses the external agents and is flexible in terms of prices and payments. Artists also love to answer any questions you have about their piece of work. This will surely add to the personal experience of the purchasing process. Their philosophy, aesthetic, and vision might influence you the most, which you can never find in most art galleries. Master of the Waters was bought, in 2017, for $280,000 by a seasoned collector from New York while visiting the artist studio. In 2019 the same work was sought after by a party in Qatar. We mediated an offer above half-million. However, the counterparty was not willing to sell.

Nonetheless, getting an original piece of art surely has its emotional value. You would have heard that people admire the artwork they thoughtfully purchased; there is always a reason behind buying a particular painting. One cannot resonate with a randomly crafted product. Dealing first hand with the artist teaches you self-expression and allows you to admire the effort and know its worth. You fall in love with it, not only because of its value but also the individual bonding you have with the purchasing process and validation of the specific feeling or memory you had while buying it. It stays with you until the end.

About author Alina Livneva was born 1985 in Saint Petersburg, Russia. She studied at Saint Petersburg Academy of Arts. Educated in Russia and the United States. Lives in Miami. Has also lived in Russia. Contemporary Art. Collections expert, exhibitions and loans.

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