Productivity with Style

by Alison Brown

November 8, '19

The Magic of Art: Boosting Employees’ Productivity with Style

Art and Productivity

Workplace stress is normal; however, offices have different kinds of stress. And it is inevitable too. Excess can interfere with your employee’s productivity and performance. It can even have effects on their physical and emotional health. When office stress reaches this, it will now have the power to determine the success or failure of your business. Now, this is where art comes in the picture.

According to Lumen Learning, art is a highly diverse range of human activities engaged in creating visual, auditory, or performed artifacts that express the artist’s imaginative or technical skill. It is intended to be appreciated for their beauty or emotional power. Art is so much more than an aesthetic display. It has long been known for its extraordinary ability to heal the soul.

Studies have also shown that art has a positive and powerful effect on the physiological aspect of humans. It has been widely used in mental health care programs to help patients cope with problems. Using art to reduce stress in the office is effective as per studies. And we’ll dig into its details bit by bit.

Art and Productivity

You can not control everything, especially in your workplace. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything about it. Aside from learning how to manage your stress, art can help your well-being too. It is said you are being healed by just looking at an artwork. It’s like art can calm the storm in your brain and clear things out. And when you start reacting positively to the stimulus that causes stress, your body will automatically decline unproductivity.

Each one of us needs time-off once in a while. It will give us a mental break to see things again. Art is a great helping hand in managing stress and improving one’s focus. After that time-off in an art-filled place, your team can continue working efficiently and productively. And the art of getting things done will not be a mystery anymore. So what indeed is the magic behind the so-called art? Why can it affect us?

Artwork Can Evoke Emotion

Productivity with Style
Technological Diseases, 2016 by Gheorghe Virtosu

There was a study conducted by ARTIQ saying that 95% of people believe that art can enhance the work environment. This means that artwork in the office can do more than impress visitors. The greater impact that art can offer is to inspire employees. It can evoke emotion by influencing the ambiance of the office.

We can work out emotions from visual cues ever since the old age. The interpretation of these signals usually takes place through our feelings. Scientific research suggests that visual art can evoke emotions. This is through sending signals, which is then interpreted by our brain. Art may be characterized in terms of their mimesis or its representation. May it be of reality, expression, and communication of emotion, among others. Further studies explained that people working in spaces that were decorated with art were 17% more productive.

Art Reflects Life

Productivity with Style
Flower Carrier, 1935 by Diego Rivera

Sometimes, we forget to understand how lucky we are to be in our current jobs. We tend to overlook the opportunity that is being given to us. And this usually leads to unproductivity. Through art, we can be reminded of how blessed we are to have a career that other people can only dream of. It can also make us appreciate those who are working hard to make a living. We learn to value the importance of each other’s company and jobs. We recognize the effort that other people extend to perform their job well. We feel motivated to impart our skills as well for the betterment of the team. With this kind of mindset, employees will become creative and productive at the same time. You will see positive changes in them, especially during hard times.

With this, art can make us show empathy to others. It makes the world a better place. Because art reflects life, it can be used to transform the way we view the world. It brings meaning to our lives, and through that, we now act positively to our surroundings. We find a relation to it, and we feel even more connected because we understand how art wanted us to feel.

Art as Inspiration for Motivation

Productivity with Style
Sous la pluie by Christian Raffin

Motivation is like a tiny flicker that sets everything in motion. Without motivation, there is no productivity. You can start by asking yourself. Why do I have to be productive today? Why is my career important to me? You see, the number of reasons why you wanted to be engaged in action is hidden behind your motivation. It can also be the reason why you don’t do something even if you need to do it. So ask yourself again. What keeps you going? Why you have to do all this stuff?

Motivation can be hard at times. And the trick here is that art can inspire you to be motivated. Like for example, you get driven by your family. The artwork of a family can inspire and get things done for them. The thought of their warm hugs when you get home can motivate you to do well at work. Art can help you by reminding yourself why you need to be productive. It can show you why you have to achieve things and be successful. It will help you recall the reason why you even started at all.

The Secret Code to Productivity

There are many ways to boost employees’ productivity. But increasing productivity with style is beyond compare. And that is through the magic of art. There is no secret code in making your office a desirable place to work. Make use of the beauty of art and enjoy its benefits as your company progresses. And you will see the positive impacts it has on your employees.

About author Alison Brown is the brains behind Panel Wall Art -- one of the world's biggest creators and manufacturers of high-quality canvas art prints. She manages a team of highly creative professionals, designers, and skillful artists. Aside from writing about fine art, she's also really into improving home decor, and Star Wars.

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