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Abstract Art Theme - Existence origin and civilizations

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theme Existence origin and civilizations

Art is something we do every day. Art is an expression of our emotions, thoughts, and desires. But not only, it is also more personal than that. It is about sharing the way we experience the world, and for many of us is an extension of our own personality. It is the path we choose to communicate the intimate concepts that may be difficult or not enough to portray by words alone. We search or look for some other methods to carry our message or intent. But the content that we depict on our chosen media is not itself art. Art lies in how the media is used, and the way in which the content is expressed.

Works of art may create a feeling of wonder or disappointment, hope or despair, etc. It may be intelligible or obscure, subtle or explicit; and the subjects and approaches to the creation of art are bounded only by the imagination of the artist.

All cultures have a creation story of how everything came from nothing. From Creation Myths to the Big Bang, there are only a small number of credible answers. All creation myths are about the existence of some kind of divine or abstract power capable of creating the world. In the vast majority of cases, this abstract power is embodied in God. In others, the Universe has existed forever and will exist forever. In others still, the cosmos emerges from Nothing.

"The origin of our existence has always been a central concern for humanity; the origin of the earth, the animals, the plants, the stars, and the most fundamental the origin of them all, the origin of the universe as a whole.", says Gheorghe Virtosu.

Abstract artist Gheorghe Virtosu acclaimed the theme landmark with a series of artworks, this bold new series of abstract paintings broadens the canvas to reveal the role of philosophy and the creative imagination across multiple cultures and civilizations, introducing a new generation to works of beauty, ingenuity and illumination created across continents. From the landscape scrolls of classical abstract painting Adam & Eve to Alien and Atomic Era paintings, and the Connection of Civilizations that explores the wealth of treasures created through the entirety of the human experience.

Alien by abstract artist Gheorghe Virtosu
Alien (2016), Gheorghe Virtosu

52 abstract paintings, forming the theme travels the globe, visiting landmarks as the Baptism of Jesus, the Buddha in meditation, the Hindu God Lord Shiva, Theotokos and Babylonian Human. The theme explores a sweeping range of topics, including the character and spirit in art.

What happened when different civilizations encountered each other? Isaac and Ishmael, New and Old World Order and Technological Diseases.

Technological Deseases by Gheorghe Virtosu
Technological Deseases (2016), Gheorghe Virtosu

Underlying the abstract painting series is an exploration of the creative imagination that humanity expresses its most essential self and looks for the fundamental meaning of life. Gheorghe Virtosu adds additional commentary and context to this creative exploration by creating the abstract painting - The source of life, Revolutionary Ideology, Prosperity, Master of the Waters.

The theme is an awe-inspiring, gorgeously conceived examination of how humans are intimately connected through time, space and culture. In a time when we often seem distant from each other, the works are an inspiring reminder that we share deeper emotional, cultural and spiritual bonds that we often do not realize.

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abstract painting existence origin and civilizations

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