8 Creative Ways to Arrange Artwork at Home
Arrange your artwork at home. Succeeding as an artist.
March 19, '20
Creative Ways to Arrange Artwork at Home

by Virtosu Art Gallery

March 19, '20

8 Creative Ways to Arrange Artwork at Home

Arrange your artwork at home. Succeeding as an artist.

Everybody loves a good gallery wall. There is no better way to show your creativity and originality than displaying it on a wall for everyone to see. Since every collection is different, you’ll have to create different unique wall layouts based on the number of pieces you want to hang and the design of your room. Not to forget how the look and feel of your room affect your artwork.

If you are ready to display your amazing works for other people to see, you’ve come to the right place. We have compiled a list of the best ways to arrange your artwork at home. Later, we’ll also discuss how you can become a successful artist. Let’s get started!

1. The Top-Down

You’ve probably noticed how most gallery walls begin from the center and radiate outward, thus giving a loose and eclectic vibe that most artists love. This look retains the gallery wall vibe that starts from at the top, thus forming a straight line. This arrangement works best with black and white pieces, prints, and drawings.

2. The Mix

Gallery walls are not just about artwork. They show off your amazing collection ranging from wall plates to plaster busts. The mix is one of the best ways to hang your modern pieces alongside other traditional pieces. With this method, you can break the norms and make your room more adaptable because you can add pieces as you like without rearranging the entire wall. If your collection is going to grow exponentially, this is the ideal method for you.

3. The Lean

You don’t always have to hang your pieces on the wall. A long shallow shelf can show off your collection in a casual, laid-back way. By leaning your artwork against the wall, you can combine a variety of orientations and sizes to create a layered look.

If your shelf has adequate space, you can try adding an object such as a vase in front of the art to enhance visual appeal. The lean is amazing if you like swapping out your pieces regularly because it offers a hardware-free way to change up your space whenever you feel like it.

The Grid Creative Ways to Arrange Artwork at Home
4. The Grid

According to resume writer, if you like maintaining order in your house, the grid is best suited for you. It offers an asymmetrical look that gives any room a beautiful and classical appearance. To create a sense of consistency, go for a series of coordinating works in similar frames. Adding a colorful matting will enhance visual appeal. Therefore, be careful when hanging this gallery wall as it is unforgiving if your pieces are uneven or asymmetrical.

The match Creative Ways to Arrange Artwork at Home
5. The match

If you like a degree of uniformity on your gallery walls without having to form a grid or coordinate frames, the match is for you. The match allows you to mix different sizes in a matching color to create a cohesive but unstructured look. This approach is excellent when it comes to displaying related pieces such as butterfly prints and insects.

6. The Focal Point

The focal point focuses on making a clear statement. To create a focal point, all you need to do is flank an oversized piece with a collection of smaller pieces. This oversized piece could be a mirror, art, or a decorative wall. This arrangement has a more significant effect when you include large pieces of furniture such as a desk, sofa, or bed.

The Focal Point Creative Ways to Arrange Artwork at Home
7. The Throwback

The Throwback is a classic design that is meant for hanging artwork on the wall easily. It is a creative design that will bring your pieces to life thanks to the ropes that are used in place of ordinary hangers. It not only adds the charm of the room but also the height of the room if the ceiling is low and a greater effect to a higher one. There are lots of sites that you can check online so that you can DIY.

8. Common theme

If you love collecting any kind of art – be it abstract paintings, your child’s drawings, or vintage photography, you should consider hanging everything in one gallery. This will give the ultimate tribute to your choice of pieces. The best thing about this style is that it provides a statement regardless of your preferred style.

Succeeding as an artist

Expressing their creative side and making loads of cash is the number one goal for most artists around the world. To achieve your goal, you’ll have to struggle by showing up to work every day, whether you like it or not. Here are a few good tips that will increase your chances of success.

1. Seek help

You can’t do everything alone. We all need to cooperate with the people around us to get to the top. You may need the experience of a friend or family member, especially during the first few years. It would help if you considered joining a team or having a mentor to guide you as you start your journey to avoid making expensive mistakes, which can be avoided.

2. Use the right art supplies

Using cheap and low-quality art supplies will waste your time and money in the long run. Remember, quality always comes before quantity, especially in art. No potential client will invest in low-quality pieces. When you prioritize quality, you’ll get what you invest.

3. Focus on financial stability

Success is discovering your passion and finding a way to make a living through it. When setting your goals, prioritize financial stability because it’s the next most important thing from your family and health. Plus, your business will need money to run.

4. Don’t take criticism personally

People will always have something to say regardless of what you do. Some will be positive, while others will be cruel towards your work. Since everyone has different preferences, you should avoid taking things personally. At times, negative criticism can be the best form of feedback. Therefore, you need to be open to other peoples’ ideas.

5. Enjoy yourself

Doing what you love without worry or fear is one of the best ways to attract that which you want. Art is all about having fun while embracing who you are.


With these eight great ways, you shouldn’t have a problem displaying the wide variety of pieces in your room. How you arrange your pieces can make or break your art career. Therefore, knowing the approaches that are ideal for you is critical. Art is all about embracing who you are. Keep on keeping on, and, most importantly, have fun!

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