Best contemporary abstract paintings
Art challenge - Best selling abstract paintings
29 December '18
Best contemporary abstract paintings

by Alina Livneva

29 December '18

Best contemporary abstract paintings

Art challenge - Best selling abstract paintings

I love to watch people who see his contemporary art for the first time. Virtosu’s art became well known for a number of thought-provoking paintings which during the first contact, often causes a huge brain challenge. And it’s understandable when we connect Virtosu’s abstract to the subject imposed by titles of the works.

His work is known for challenging the viewers’ preconditioned perceptions of reality.

Today we have for you 10 best selling abstract paintings painted by Virtosu, that can be described as “challenging”. While looking at them, don’t forget to have a look at the object’s title. It always gives the layer of the interpretation of the painting.

Best modern abstract paintings

10. Socialist fraternal kiss

The fraternal kiss turns into the kiss of Judas, as the embrace of the red-colored figure (red - a common symbol of Communism) occurs to be the yellow ‘snake’ with silvery scales on the ‘skin.’ The ‘snake’ enlaces the deceived victim, the same way the USSR was taking over their ‘partners’ under the mask of friendliness. Hence, Socialist Fraternal Kiss is the loud warning against the nostalgia about the USSR and ideas of socialism.

9. Pride parade

Virtosu is a primary master of the abstract art movement and school. Although the piece being abstract, it contains a cluster of colorful shapes out of which a few representational images emerge to evoke the exuberance of a pride parade.

8. Modern pollination

The Modern Pollination canvas becomes the substance the artist uses to ‘create’ the image of where we are today in regards to Nature.

7. Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher oil painting proves the connection between Objective and Abstract. The artist doesn’t copy the natural forms but rather follows their dynamics and movement: sudden twists of the line, compositional pauses, coloristic bursts are consonant with the natural processes of birth, growth, and decay.

6. Jezebel Queen of Israel

The story of Jezebel – Queen of Israel, is a fascinating one, and has been duly included in Virtosu’s multifaceted body of work for specific reasons. It acts as a cautionary tale of power and abuse of influence, and serves as a warning sign for the heads of state from this era informing them about the power of the masses.

5. Flying man

A careful public will see that Flying Man isn’t an image of a fantasizer, but of the person of action. We always imagine this process as the essence of joy and liberation. And for sure, it’s true, however, it is important to remember that birds flap wings in order to fly, so it’s not a passive process.

4. Disappointed Storks

For thousands of years, in many cultures around the globe – from Egypt to Scandinavia – storks were associated with family and the human soul. The artist uses metaphorism of this bird in a bold and even illustrative manner to convey the feeling of despair, evolved from the inability to make a real difference to the epoch we’re living in.

3. Connection of civilizations

The ‘tune’ of the oil painting is energetic, even bravura. Such mood is created by the vivid palette, based on yellow, red and blue tints. This is the so-called triad of primary colors – the most intensive and expressive combination. Its effect is amplified by the expressive loose brushwork, especially in the rendering of the background. (Best abstract paintings 2017)

2. Babylonian human

The history of our species is brimming with important cultures that have played a major role in driving forward our collective values and identities. The Babylonian civilization is perhaps one of the most noteworthy collectives of its era, and Virtosu has attempted to pay tribute to this glorious race in this illuminating painting.

1. Albert Einstein

Impressive in size and saturation, the Albert Einstein art piece has the ability to show a specific spectrum of colors the artist chose for depicting a genius. (Best modern abstract paintings)

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