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About Virtosu Art Gallery | Contemporary art

Virtosu Art Gallery is a specialist in abstract art. We put on display contemporary art from our talented artists with the best of abstract to bring fresh perspectives to the world. We support visual dialogues through our exhibitions and encourage the public to debate and conversation. We welcome over 250,000 visitors each year to our thematic shows. Our artistic programme, being innovative to contemporary art, generates interest globally. Through our exhibitions and events, we bring extraordinary experiences with genuine and strong art.

Explore our contemporary art collections, featuring the most gifted contemporary artists. We are famous for 21st-century British paintings, particularly our outstanding collection of Gheorghe Virtosu artworks. Our art collections showcase themes as wide as:

  • Existence origin and civilizations
  • Political history
  • Transgender
  • War
  • Superpowers of the world
  • Great world personalities
  • Nations and civilizations
  • Great human dangers
  • Progress makers
  • Religion and its roots
  • Female personalities
  • Woman
  • World religions and philosophies
  • Trades
  • Comic performers and fool characters
  • Great world masters
  • Disappointment
  • Nature and biology
  • Failure of expectations
  • Life around
  • Royal
  • Ugliness of power
  • National themes
  • The political theory of the development of society
  • Love
  • Immigration
  • Transition
  • Good and bad
  • Patience, endurance, and struggle
  • Time
  • Stars
  • The new age of the strange
  • Rebellious
  • Soul-searching and contemplation
  • Clean lines and styling
At Virtosu Art Gallery, we’re excited to offer contemporary art from genuine artists. If you’re looking to buy large paintings from an inspirational contemporary artist, we can help you find an artwork you’ll love. Our gallery artworks are in high demand and availability is limited. Most of the artworks on display sell fast. We are setting up a resale service later this year. If a piece is “truly to die for” and is still in private hands, we may help out.

Our impressive collection of outstanding contemporary art represents more than a decade of artistic innovation.  

Our aspirational value is Creative: create and connect the world with genuine art with transformative social messages.

We provide art exhibitions so the world can see masterpieces from the world’s gifted artists.

We believe the world demands genuine art. By supporting, celebrating and advocating for our artists, we improve the quality of culture for the entire world. 

Our goals are to:

  • To encourage artistic excellence, and recognition for genuine art.
  • To increase public art engagement and appreciation.
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