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Virtosu Art Gallery - Transformative Social Messages.

Virtosu Art Gallery is a specialist in abstract art. We put on display contemporary abstract art from talented artists with the best of abstraction to bring fresh perspectives to the world. We support visual dialogues through exhibitions and encourage the public to debate and conversation. The gallery welcomes over 250,000 visitors each year to its thematic shows. Our artistic programme, being innovative to abstract art, generates interest globally. Through our exhibitions and events, we bring extraordinary experiences with genuine and strong art.


Quality Abstract Art that Moves the Viewer with Museum Comparable Pieces

While abstract art may seem like a step away from reality as well as some people's comfort zone, the fact is that abstract paintings are more popular than ever in today's contemporary homes and offices. The use of shape, color, form, and texture to represent reality is one reason why art lovers and collectors are purchasing this art for themselves and their clients.

Abstract art seeks to deeply move the viewer by allowing them to make their own connection to the piece, something that can be challenging at first. But as you open your mind and your heart to this art-form, you will find that it transcends time, space, and culture to create a long-lasting expirience that reflects the world around us.

The art pieces become profoundly personal to the owner, often reflecting his or her own view of the world as well as the painter's. Explore our collections , featuring the most gifted contemporary artists. Our abstract paintings are museum quality and showcase a range of popular themes you can browse below.  

Boutique Style Abstract Gallery

Galleries and Interior Designers looking for quality pieces to showcase or purchase for clients will find avant-garde abstract art for the most sophisticated clients. There are many benefits to adding these art pieces to a home, office, or to accompany specific architecture, whether modern or traditional.

Also referred to as nonobjective or nonrepresentational, abstract art has more than a message to convey. It also complements a minimalist lifestyle. Whether you or your client has a modern home or something more rustic, featuring boutique-style abstract art creates a focal point amidst sparse furnishings. It unites a room with color, shape, texture, and form and creates harmony when strategically placed by an interior decorator.

With offices in Europe, Hong Kong, Miami, Los Angeles, and New York, Virtosu Art Gallery features abstract art of exceptional individuality and character that speaks to a new generation of collectors, gallery managers, interior decorators, and art lovers alike.

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Art Website and Shop

On our catalog website, we’re excited to offer abstract art from genuine artists. If you’re looking to buy large paintings from an inspirational contemporary artist, we can help you find the piece you’ll love. Virtosu Art Gallery artworks are in great demand and availability is limited. Most of the artworks displayed in our on-line gallery are sold already. Please visit our art website for more information on pieces for sale. We are setting up a resale service later this year, visit the shop for more info. If a piece is “truly to die for” and is still in private hands, we may help out.

What We Do

Our impressive collection of outstanding abstract art represents more than a decade of artistic innovation.  

Our aspirational value is Creative: create and connect the world with genuine abstract art with transformative social messages.

We provide exhibitions so the world can see masterpieces from the world’s gifted artists.

We believe the world demands genuine art. By supporting, celebrating and advocating for our artists, we improve the quality of culture for the entire world. 

Our Goals

  • To encourage artistic excellence, and recognition for genuine art.
  • To increase public engagement and appreciation.

Art Themes

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