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The Century of Duck art print framed art print modern art print art print online buy art print online The Century of Duck buy art print online
(EAN-13: 4842110000435)

The Century of Duck
Gheorghe Virtosu

147 $
The Century of Duck abstract art print

The Century of Duck is a sterling example of one of Virtosu’s Century Series of Paintings, filled with the immaculate, animated wings of the jewel-like bird frozen in a shiny sky. A central motif of Virtosu’s 20-year career, the birds are iconic of the artist’s practice. Deliberating on love, life, disappointment, prosperity and art, Virtosu’s spectacular paintings have advanced the grand, epistemological and existential. Themes of life and prosperity permeate the extensive practice of the artist, who is without question one of the most prominent semi-abstract practitioners of the postmodern period. Such a focus on fundamentally philosophical questions has garnered Virtosu a comprehensive appreciation, posing myriad challenges to the tenets of artistic production by consistently breaking down the dividing line between ‘real-life social concerns’ and contemporary art.Within the seemingly frenzied melee of the The Century of Duck fine art print, the essential form creates a coherent and compelling pictorial structure. Despite their raw intensity, the pigment is balanced, testifying to the deliberateness and fierce intention with which Virtosu builds his triumphant masterpiece.

The Art

Virtosu Fine Art works closely with artist's representatives in regional offices around the world. Our expertise and passion for their subject, including modern and contemporary art prints, attracts a global audience at our sales with buyers coming from over 150 countries. This art print is created using technology for fine art or photograph reproduction using a high-quality inkjet printer to make individual copies. The Giclée printing is used by artists to make reproductions of their original two-dimensional artwork. The technique delivers exceptional detail and vibrant pure color that is suitable for museum or gallery display.

This framed giclee print comes with a mat and frame combination individually selected by professional designers to perfectly match your artwork. The art print, which shows sharp, vibrant graphics and a high level of color accuracy, is enhanced and protected by this framework that's been handmade in Europe from the best materials.

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  • Frame:
  • Width: 25mm / 1in
  • Material: Wood
  • Glass: Acrylic Clear
  • Mat: 5cm / 2in Bright White
Finished size:
43x43cm / 17x17in
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